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Always Tired & Emotional

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Hey there,

Basically this has been going on for the last 3/4 months.

I am always sooo tired even if I got a good nights sleep. It's so bad, I'm going to bed at 9pm/9.30pm these days. I have also found myself to be overly emotional over almost anything. I'm taking things more to heart and letting myself get very upset.

Which you can imagine is very draining. But why? I don't know why and it's bringing me down even more that this has been going on for ages and I can't seem to snap out of it.

I have in the past struggled with depression though never been officially diagnosed with it so don't know if it's that back or something else.

I don't feel 'unhappy' with my life or stressed. I just have the normal, bad day here and there. So it doesn't make sense why I feel such a mess most days of the week.

Has anyone went through something similar or anyone got any advice what I could do to stop this.

Any help would be great please. xo


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    You probably feel more emotional because you're tired. My friend was really ill last year and she gets tired very easily now - i think she has an iron deficiency which makes her tired (i'm guessing here!) so maybe it's something like that?
    sorry this isn't very helpful!
    hope you're ok
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    Hey Cuddilicious,

    Thanks for your post. Sounds your having a difficult time emotionally and physically. Perhaps a check up with your GP may help you get to the bottom of how your feeling or at least eliminate other conditions.

    You also mentioned previous depression, has there been anything out of the ordinary happening of late for you??

    Keep posting and good luck:wave:
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    How good is your diet?
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    Hi Cuddilicious,

    Hope you are feeling OK today, you've been given some great advice already, Just thought that these links may help. They are under the title - 'looking after yourself' -the ones on unlikely health boosts and boosting your mental health could be worth a read? Also some of the pages on the 'fitness and diet' pages may also help you to explore some options and solutions?

    As has been said though, if you feel that these recent changes could be related to depression, then always best to get seen by your GP.

    Take care and keep posting :)
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    Hey there

    Thanks for your replies. I seen a doctor today. She was really lovely. I got myself upset in front of her though which was embarrassing.

    Getting my blood tested on Friday for things like iron deficiency which someone mentioned here already and the possibility of having under active thyroid as I seem to have other symptoms that match up to that which I never thought could be related.

    Doc asked me is there anything going on in my life that could be getting me this down. I did explain I'm still adjusting to living here in Yorkshire with my boyfriend (I'm from Belfast) as we just moved here 6months ago. And I'm still finding it hard sometimes being away from my folks and my friends.

    The other things is work. I just can't seem to find a job I settle in since I moved here. I just seem to be clashing with some of the people there, including the boss which is bringing me down big time this last week. So badly, I couldn't face work today as one person I thought I did make a friend with, now won't speak to me at all and I have no idea why. Tried talking to her when I noticed she was acting little weird with me but she assured me all was fine between us and I haven't done anything wrong. Don't know if it was the right thing to do but I ended up telling my boss, I won't be coming back as feel I'm just rubbing everyone up the wrong way. She's not happy with me either as I couldn't commit to full time hours as I've another job.

    As for how my diet is, it's not brilliant but wouldn't say it was poorly either. I eat reasonably healthy but still have my pig out days. I walk a lot with Chris which does help though we haven't this last couple weeks as either been working or it's been raining. So hoping to get back into that again when the weather picks up.

    I just soo hope it could be this under active thyroid as least that's easier to take care of, rather than depression itself. I have an amazing boyfriend but worry this going to strain our relationship if I don't snap out of it any time soon.

    Fingers crossed I guess. xox
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    Hi Cuddilicious :wave:

    So glad to hear you went to see the doctor today, you've been through a huge change moving to a new place can be really tough so don't be hard on yourself.

    Let us know how you get on with everything :heart:
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