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Questions over Policing at Unite Against Fascism Protest

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Another controversial Policing operation with a high number of arrests (55), noticeable because of their heavy skewing toward the UAF side.

My prediction? If recent events are any indication we'll begin to see emerging footage of heavy-handedness by Police Officers , possibly some isolated incidents of retaliation by protesters, in the coming days.

With the number of arrests made, and in particular what appears to be the targeted nature of them (vis a vis - organisers being singled out) - the onus is now on the Police to provide evidence of why such a large number of arrests were made.

Nothing I can see in any of the footage on any website reporting this gives any indication as to why such a large number were made. But then again, might be same as with Copenhagen - just to be safe innit.

Just to put it in some recent context - when the Upton Park Riots took place last year (during the Millwall - West Ham game) two arrests were made on the day (Source: Telegraph).

I could be wrong - evidence might yet emerge, but previous behaviour being best predictor of future behaviour I don't think it will.


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    quelle surprise
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    Given my experiences with some Socialist Workers party people, I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked off too (UAF is partly run by SWP)... That isn't to say all SWP people are aggressive, or that any were aggressive on the day. It's just that racism is a very emotive subject and tends to get people angry and I have met some very pushy and unpleasant SWP members (and I say this as a socialist btw).

    Police bullying protesters isn't unheard of. It would not surprise me in the least if the officers involved were sympathisers of the EDL and of the BNP. I know people who have been attacked by police officers at demonstrations... A police officer killed a man at the G20 and another attacked a woman I know and tried to drag her by her hair. I have seen a few policemen try to provoke protesters, but never violence.

    Somebody I know was arrested at another clash with the EDL in central London. Apparently, only the anti-fascists were arrested and he was taken off, held in a cell and then dropped off in Croydon for some reason (which is nine miles from Kings Cross).

    What worries me most that you can't photograph police officers. This makes demonstrations more dangerous because the police can potentially get away with more. With the heavy handed dealings with Climate Camp, the man mentioned above who was killed during the G20, people being kettled in, riot police dealing with students in Sussex university... It all seems a bit much. :no:

    Edited to add: I find it ironic that EDL are so passionate about Muslim terrorists. I wonder what they think of David Copeland, ex BNP nail bomber, or the BNP councillor with the most explosives found in his house, in British history.

    Edited once more to add: I apologise for the sloppy structuring of this post. Will correct it later :p
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