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Actually depressed about college.

More specifically the course: computing.. i hate hate hate it! i left it too late to change lessons at the start n now im stuck with it. We have to do a mini project which my friends say its *needed* to be completed, but the thing is i dont actually give a shit if i fail or not which is putting me off asking for help because basically i dont understand any of it :( i feel so stupid.

I'm worried if i dont do it or hand something in i wont be able to drop it next year. =/

proper made me feel down.
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    Sounds like it's a tough situation you're in man. Are you certain you won't be able to change? Often your college can do more about courses than you might realise. Even if that's not an option then being honest with your teacher or a head of year could maybe make things a lot better.

    I know you sound like you don't care about it, but it also sounds like you wish you could do it. So difficult as it might be, speaking to someone about how it's going might really help. On the other hand just speaking to a friend about how badly it's going might make a real difference. Sometimes you might find you know more than you realise, or that everyone else is finding it as hard as you.

    Even if things are going really badly and you can't do the course, then talking about it would hopefully mean not having to waste time doing computing. Being stuck in a classroom you hate is isn't good for you or anyone else, but only chatting about it can really change either how the course is going or get you out of there.

    Good luck with whatever you decide though man, I hope things improve.
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    Yea I have been struggling recently at University and really talking to senior staff can help *so* much because often the standard / junior staff can only say 'well, you do this or fail, here's a form' but the senior staff can move heaven and earth if you can get them on your side.

    Hope you're ok with it, but trust me when I say you are certainly not the only person who has picked the wrong course or through whatever other circumstances lost complete motivation.
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    Its too far in the year to change now i think, the lesson i feel so simple when im in there. I think i can drop it next year and pick an AS up so when i leave if i pass my other grades ill have 2 A levels and 1 AS.

    i dunno :( i just hate turning up to it
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    What year are you in?

    I 'quit' college in May of year one, right around the time when we were having mock exams (I did IB so I was halfway through by that point). I repeated my first year and everything was fine.

    It's never too late if you're miserable.
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    I was in the same boat, I was forced by my mother to join college, I wanted to take a year out and really think hard about what I wanted to do. I had a firm idea but that went tits up fairly quickly after leaving school because of the low-grade college courses that aren't really specific to anything: like computing.

    I would have stuck with it but my college kicked me off the course because I was blatantly not interested enough, even though I did and passed what work was given to me, I was just depressed beyond belief. I did speak to the senior staff too afterwards, but the blow of being kicked out/the bollocking I got from my mum for the next 2 years after that was too much for me to dare go back to college. Maybe one day, but I'm still moving on. I feel like my life will amount to nothing that I want without my college education, but I still pick myself up. You'll be okay, thousands if not millions have been in the same shoes before.
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