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I seriously feel like I am being bullied at work and not sure what to do about it. If your face doesn't fit there I work then thats it...and unfortunately my face no longer fits :no:

When I was a student I wanted to get a job where I work now as I loved it and but since my very first few months of being there I've regretted. No support, left in life or death situations (literally) just to cope and get on with it, given equipment I've had no training on and told 'just to figure it out'. Which in my job is pretty bad and dangerous!

I am constantly put down, made to feel uncomfortable by others and it's getting me down. The managers have 'issues' with me, yet won't tell me what these 'issues' are so I can improve on them. I've been dragged off by a manager shouted at in a totally unprofessional way who said a lot of things that are just NOT true and left me crying my eyes out not even caring. I've spoke to a few other members of staff (who I trust completely) and explained what this person had said and they were totally shocked and thought the issues she was having a go about me were completely untrue.
Basically I was told I don't help other people, I don't think outside of my own little box and a few other things...but it's not true I am the first person to help if someone needs help with drugs, ECG's admitting patients, emergencies....but rarely I get any help, especially if certain members of staff are on shift. I am left to cope on my own then made to feel like utter shit when I've not been able to do things such as putting notes away because I have been so busy!

It's got so bad now that I hate nursing, I hate it! I brought these issues up at my review and they were dismissed...especially the lack of support issue. It was like I had just slapped her in the face when I mentioned that :rolleyes:

I'm trying to find a new job but until there I have to cope, I come home crying most of them time, I feel sick and am getting even more stressed about it :crying:

I'm looking into leaving nursing altogether and going back to uni and doing something else, which is a shame after 3 years training but I just honestly can't see a future in it for me :(

Sorry about the rant, I needed to get it out.


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