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HelOo, im New, Would Like some suport ? :]

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Hi, my name is emma. I am new on this, and i think this is the most helpfull site i have ever been on ! Im 13, from ireland. I Have a really supportive best friend, but i would stil like second opinions and advice.

So, in the last , about 8 months, almost a year, i have been seriously depressed. I get mad at small things, and i have really bad mood swings. Last night, i acualy self harmed. by sliting my left wrist. I dont kno why. I have the best boyfriend ever, but i dont know if it is such a good idea to tell him about what happened.I Started smoking, cigaretes, but it has been on and off with MOnths. I also used to sniff things like, mixed deodrant, nail varnish, sprays, all mixed together. i stopped now though. :)

My Parents are divorced, And my mam used to say i was an uncontrollable teenager.She stopped , because i have been behaving better with the last 1-2 weeks. :D THere are girls in my year, that are after me, but to be honest, its more of a fight between both of us. She really would want to be carefull because i have a baaad baad baaaad temper, and i will hit her. I have boxing Gloves at home, and i have often damaged the walls in my room, by putting holes, and chipping the wall.

I really Need some tips to help solve my depression, and to be a happier, more gratefull person.

Thanks, i kno this message is long, but i know there are others like me out there, and i hope the responses to this will be helpfull. :)


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