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The concept of swearing is absurd



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    Hi all,

    Since being literate, I've wondered why a combination of letters, vocalised or written - could be considered offensive, wrong - or any derivative of that. It's a word, in reality - it's subjective - further it's no body's right to metaphorically gag anyone no matter how they choose to express their thoughts and most importantly feelings.

    Because that's what swearing ultimately is in it's social context. It's an emotive expression. Why is that so wrong, and who decides what is objectively offensive an what it not. In my opinion, any and all words called "swear words" are called so from the archaic fashioned authoritarian dictatorship which our society came from. Observed by the perpetually compliant who accept that a word is "rude" (How prudish does that sound?). It's neither "wrong", "offensive" or unreasonable to utter a word you deem appropriate.

    Anyone agree with me here?
    Respeck to the Bard. 'There's nothing good or bad, but that thinking makes it so... did you think I spoke of country matters?'

    It's strange how the word 'cunt' seems like such a natural choice of invective for assuaging one's frustration at the stupid behaviour of others, especially on the road, and yet we do look askance when our children copy us. It might seem hypocritical to chide my son when he spices up his latest excoriation of parental injustice with the F word, but I guess that's why we have 18 certificates on films and games and the like, so as not to warp their 'tiny little minds'. As with alcohol and sex and funfair rides, and buying scissors apparently, we impose age restrictions, under which we decree that a person may not make responsible use of an item. I'm trying to protect my children from religion as well, until they're old enough to make an informed decision themselves. Is it fair? Is anything 'fair'?
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    Well that depends what you think is fair :p.

    I think fundamentally it comes down to trying to make our existence and our children's existence and all that as painless as possible. So social norms about what is nice and what isn't come about, swearing isn't nice. This offends people. Rather than lecture our children on the 'its just words, but the words have meaning, but not everyone interprets the same meaning, it depends on context', which is quite complicated, it's easier to just say 'this is a naughty word, dont say it'.

    Pretty much everyone learns in time when it is, and isn't, appropriate to use swearwords.
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    I think people are so accustomed to swearing that they don't think it's a huge deal.. but it is. If someone called me the b!tch word or the C word, i would be really pissed off!
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