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Not really advice. More of a rant

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Currently on study leave for my higher exams. Im so stressed! It's awful. First exam was today and I completely flunked the critical essays. Just wrote rubbish I think. But I havent been worried about that really, which isnt like me at all. To be honest, the thing that is worrying me the most is my geography exam, mainly because my teacher is a complete control freak and thinks that because his daughter is in the class, we all have to be top A students. I mean, I'm good at my geography and have always been pretty secure in my answers, but I'm so nervous because of him, to the point I feel ill even thinking about the exam. He takes every opportunity to criticise me and others in the class. Its so unfair. On the last day before we came off, he slated my performance in a homework, call it "weak" and "disappointing" even though I adapted the answer from a help booklet HE GAVE US. Now, he has taught me for my entire journey in geography, he knows fine well, I'm a very shy and nervous person who needs a little confidence boost, yet he wrote nothing positive to help me and he even said it was awful in front of the entire class. I really dont know how I'm going to pass this exam. Im so nervous already and I have a week until it arrives.

On a more positive note...Maths tomorrow which should be good, I love maths.


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    Oh! He sounds like my geo. teacher. Today, when I asked why waves bounced up after crashing down, he told me "Fairies stand at the bottom of the sea with fans blowing it up again." Then I asked for a serious answer, and he said "I have just explained it to you. Fairies." And I sit next to a girl who maybe isn't as smart as some people in the class, and he always picks on her. What is it with teachers sometimes? I hope you stick up for yourself though! Have a quiet word with him after class maybe? Theres nothing to loose.
    And good luck in your exam's :-)
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