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Looking for a new job/career

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I'm starting to look for a job/career this year. I have looked in newspapers and online but can't seem to find a job which I am qualifyed for, or something which has traning involved.

I have been working in a chocolate factory for 8 years now and have had enough of it......same old sh*t every day, its boring.

I have been looking at jobs on cruise ships and yatchs and I think I have to think hard before deciding to apply for jobs on them.

Now I was wondering what sort of jobs are out there which would be somewhat challenging, is outdoors and will keep me fit.

If anyone knows of any websites which might interest me, then please let me know what they are. Thanks


  • Olly_BOlly_B Mod-u-like Posts: 222 Settling in
    Hi Mr Ferrari09,

    You don't say what you want to do on a cruise ship, but you might find these websites useful

    http://www.uksp.co.uk/ - This is the website from People1st, the sector skills agency for the leisure industry. Lots of useful information, and jobs, if your thing is more entertainment.

    If it's more the maritime element of cruise ships, you might want to check out the Maritime Skills Alliance's page on careers:

    For more outdoor stuff like farming, try Lantra:

    All these websites should give you a few ideas. If you find an organisation you think you might be interested in working for, then it's sometimes good to get in touch with them and find out what sort of things they'd be looking for in order for you to get a job with them.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks geneve, I'll look in to it.
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