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Just a quick question? can a Mental Health Practitioner section me? or is it just psychatrists professionals? Just i really want to open up to my Mental Health Practitioner, but i am scared what might happen :(
Sorry its only short, I dont post that often and i struggle what to say :confused: x


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    Hi flowerpetal, I'm really glad you posted, it's totally understandable that you're worried about what could happen if you open up to the mental health practitioner. Sounds like quite a scary time for you :(

    People are generally sectioned if they're perceived to be an immediate threat to themselves or to other people. Generally it takes two doctors (one is usually a psychiatrist or a doctor that knows you very well) and a social worker or a close relative or friend to agree that being sectioned is the best course of action for a patient.

    There's more information if you follow the link above as well as in this Q&A about the sectioning system.

    If you wanted to talk through what you're going through and what might happen in terms of treatment should you open up, you could also call Saneline on 0845 767 8000 - they're a mental health helpline offering confidential emotional support as well as practical guidance about your situation. You can email them too at SANEmail.

    Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on. Sharing what you're going through on the boards can really help so don't be afraid to post again, we're here to help :)
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    It's worth noting from Jo7's links that :

    "It is important to remember hospital treatment does not necessarily involve compulsory detainment. Many people who receive inpatient care enter hospital on a voluntary basis, as an 'informal patient'. And generally, inpatient hospital treatment is avoided; certainly, sectioning is only used to benefit people who may be presenting a danger to themselves or others."

    So don't believe that they are going to necessarily 'put you away'.

    Also, its worth remembering that if you are sectioned, then it is because the professionals in those fields believe that there treatment will make you better. Some of us would do anything to avoid an operation even if it means an improvement in our standard of life. The same goes with being sectioned. It's a means to get you back to the normal, healthy, happy person that you want to be. *hugs*
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    As far as I know, the Dr who actually sections you has to be one who doesn't know you at all. So, if someone tries to get you sectioned because of things you've told them, you only need convince the outside psychiatrist that you're ok and they can't take you away.

    I watched an episode of Eastenders last year where the mum of someone went and visited a GP and they went to the girl's house and took her away with the police. That episode scared the shit out of me, like -can they really do that? So, I asked a mental health nurse who said no, it's not like that at all.
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    ok, thanks so much for your replies :) feel i bit more clam now. Just need to get my conviencing head on lol i will probs post tomorrow n tell yas how i get on, scaryyyy timessss :(
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