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Attention Deficit Disorder and concentration

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I am already diagnosed with dyspraxia, but I think I may have ADD as well. I wasn't sure before, but I looked up ADD out of curiousity and thought "that's me!" with a great deal of what I read... I am aware ADD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, Aspergers and other neuro-diverse conditions are linked.

I don't think it matters until I go to university again, as I can get help, but I do have quite bad concentration difficulties.

For example I can be reading but then after say... A couple of pages my mind switches to something else and I stop absorbing it. Sometimes I physically have to get up and do what I am thinking of doing as I can get really restless... The same with conversation. I get distracted in conversation so the person is talking to me and I am not taking it in... My mind is elsewhere!

I cannot even sometimes listen to a song the whole way through because although I love music, I have to combine it for something because I can get bored or frustrated with it easily.

I also find holding a conversation with music playing hard.

But then there's a flip side... Sometimes I can get too focussed on something and then get obsessive, impulsively buy books I'll never read or food ingredients, lose track of time and spend hours on it. I get these little 'obsessions' (my current is sustainable agriculture) and become fascinated by them and get so excited. It's like a rush!

I can find some things completely overwhelming, especially if they don't interest me. For example, sorting the post in work stresses me out. If I am not mentally stimulated, I can get frustrated.... I can also be very impatient.

I was wondering if anybody has any advice on improving attention span and helping with the frustration. I realise also, this could be part of dyspraxia or maybe just idiosyncracies I have, but it does affect my life negatively.

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for myself. I have great strengths elsewhere. :) I just wanna over come this barrier because I think I am capable of doing better at university and work if this works out.

ETA: I'd like to go on to do a Masters degree and maybe a PHD, so I would love to tame this!


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    i can relate to what you say as i have my suspicions i may have ADD too.
    I found taking an omega 3 supplement for a while really helpful for my concentration span.
    Ive stopped taking it but keep meaning to do it again as it helped so much
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    I have the same problem. However, a lot of it started when my depression did - so always put it down to that.
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    I have dyspraxia and ADHD, and know exactly how you feel about not being able to concentrate - join the club!! Since I was really young when the ADHD was diagnose (about 4) and since the dyspraxia was diagnosed just 4 years after that I'm not really sure whether my inability to concentrate is due to the ADHD or dyspraxia, although when I don't have medication on board I cannot concentrate on anything and get so hyper! If you wanna do something about it, you could try to have an assessment, I think your GP might be able to refer you... If you do have ADD, then you might be able to get medication for it, and it really helps.

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    It's been suggested that I have some sort of mild attention hyperactivity. I find that meditation really helps to centre and focus me. I go to a class once a week through university which teaches us different practices.

    The omega3 supplement is not something i'd heard of so i might give that a try!
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