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6 weeks in Asia- cost ?

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Can anyone give me a rough idea how much money I would need to travel around Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao) for around six weeks

Basically with my job I have seven weeks holiday a year- and I can take them in one go. I am thinking maybe I could use them to travel later this year. (Aug/ Sept)

Excluding fights how much would I need to travel around Asia for 6/7 weeks? We are talking food, drink, accommodation, day trips and traveling around.

I would continue to be paid my usual salary in the meantime - a lot of which would pay my rent in London whilst I am gone and then return to my job when I come home. How much as a lump sum should I look to take for such a trip?

Anyone done anything similar and can give me a rough idea?




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    Depends how budget you're prepared to go mate. If you don't mind staying in hostel dorms and cheap beach bungalows, like I did, then you wouldn't need much.
    I was there for just over 2 months and spent about 1200 quid. Budget accomodaton, but then I did whatever the fuck I wanted to do. Was drinking excessively every day too. lol So you could probably do it for less if you're not on a constant binge.
    One word of advice though, if you're only there for 6 weeks - don't do all the South East Asian countries, there's not really enough time.
    Sure you could visit them all and see all the major sites e.t.c, tick them off your list, but you'd feel so rushed and you wouldn't really 'experience' each country or have time to get to know the places and people you're staying with. You'd also be missing out on alot of un touristy gems in each country.
    In just over 2 months, I travelled across the whole of Thailand, and even then I didn't see it all, and did the main tourist route in Laos. I'd reccomend something similar.

    Have fun, it's a sick part of the world. :thumb:
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    Yeah, I would love to go longer, but I only have 7 weeks holiday from work.

    Maybe I wont spread myself so thinly and just visit a couple of countries.

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    I think you'd be a lot better off cutting down the list of countries you wanna see as well. I am off on friday for 3 months and out of those 4 i've already taken Vietnam out of my plans as i don't think i'll have enough time.

    Also depends exactly on what your budget is, as travel around that area is slow, can easily lose a whole day travelling on trains/coaches/boats to various places. Taking a few extra internal flights would save you a fair amount of time depending on where you wanted to go to.
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