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Advice about new car

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Will put this simply so as not to bore you with all the details;

1) Bought a Fiat 500 this week, it was marked up as a 1.2 but we were told it was marked up incorrectly and was a 1.4. All the finance paperwork etc from the dealers states it as a 1.4

2) Paid the dealers for 6 months tax, collected the car yesterday and they gave me 12 months tax. Open the door to see a sticker stating it as a 1.2 and the guy at the dealers (different to previous guys dealt with) says it is a 1.2. I say wont this affect paperwork he says no just make sure you tell insurance company.

3) I get home and work out by looking on the V5 slip etc that it is definately a 1.2 and the reason for the 12 months tax is that a 1.2 costs way less to tax, dealers have obviously got the tax from DVLA who have it recorded as a 1.2 hence providing them with 12 months tax not 6 with the money I had paid.

So basically I'm abit peeved that I paid more for the tax than necessary as believe it or not it costs less to tax the 1.2 for 12 months than to tax the 1.4 for 6 months due to the really low co2 emissions of the 1.2 (confirmed on the V5 slip I have although obviously not got the full booklet through from DVLA yet). Also peeved that a 1.2 will be worth less than a 1.4 therefore I've probably paid more for the car than what I should have. On the plus not bothered too much about having a 1.2 as insurance will be cheaper, will probably be better for fuel and tax really cheap.


Do I phone the dealers and explain the above and say that I am not happy with the inconsistant information I received and the fact they have sold me a 1.2 as a 1.4, in the hope they will perhaps give me some money back? Or do I go into the dealers with all the paperwork etc where I might be able to explain it better, but will not be able to do this until early Jan as going away on Sunday so they could say why leave it so late? Or do I wait until the proper V5 booklet comes through from DVLA and go in armed with that and the tax info etc and I also just paid £3.99 for a VIN check etc online which also confirms inconsistent info given. Or anyone got any better suggestions?


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    Do you own the car, or is it a company car or something?

    If you're buying a car, you should expect the engine, trim level, accessories and road tax that were included with the price. Be extremely firm as to what you've ordered, what you've received, and what you can expect when parting with cash.

    Can't comment on the resale value, but you should receive what you ordered. Different engine means different product, and there's no reason why you'd pay the same price for a less-valuable product.

    Is it on finance?
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    You could reject the car on the basis that you were missold. I'm surprised you took it out of the showroom knowing it was a 1.2. But then I'm a bit confused because you thought it was a 1.2 originally so did you not agree a price on that basis?

    The whole thing seems a bit odd to me.
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    I know this is all abit confusing!

    The car was priced at £9299 and the spec said it was a 1.2. We said we were interested in the car and the salesman started going through all the spec and said it was a 1.4. We said no it says it's a 1.2 and he said I think it's a mistake and went to check with the manager, then came back and said it was a 1.4

    TBH it didn't bother us whether it was a 1.2 or a 1.4, we would have bought it as a 1.2 anyway. I took it for a test drive and didn't think it felt like a 1.4 but they said it was, but regardless we wanted the car.

    Yes the car is on finance and on top of the price of the car we paid for tax (as said earlier 6 months tax but ended up with 12- my first thought was oooh they made a mistake we've got 6 months free tax but later found out through research on the net that it's cos it is cheaper to tax a 1.2, DVLA issue tax and obviously have it registered as a 1.2) As dealers thought it was a 1.4 they charged me for 6 months tax of a 1.4 with higer emissions, as DVLA have it registered as a 1.2 that money actually bought us 12 months tax). Obviously the dealers obtain the tax for you else you are unable to drive the vehicle away and as the registered keepers or whatever it has to be them or however it works. How the dealer didn't notice of all this though I do not understand but it is apparent that some of the salesman knew it was a 1.2 and others thought it was a 1.4

    I've just been to inspect the car and under the bonnet it says it is a 1.2 as well as the sticker in the door. We are more than happy with the car but I do think the dealers have done a poor job of selling us a vehicle they clearly no bugger all about. I have learnt a lesson from this though- don't get so wrapped up in the 'wow look at this amazing car can't believe this is gonna be mine bla bla' and actually inspect the whole vehicle and make sure you know exactly what it is you are buying. I should have said look before I drive away I want this sorting out but again poor organising the place was closing early for xmas eve and I arrived late as I was held up at the doctors so there really wasn't the time. And I'm not bothered about it being a 1.2 since the tax is so cheap, my insurance will be and it will probably be more fuel efficient. Just want the garage to know what a balls up they have made, will also add there were documents pertaining to another vehicle in the log with personal details (name, address and bank account details) belonging to the previous owner, I think it's the car he must have part exchanged when buying our car and he left it all in the log by mistake, but just goes to show how little they check these things.
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