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Well, I'm really worried just now, read a few conflicting things over the internet..

At the start of the month, me and my boyfriend caught impetigo. On Monday 7th I managed to get a doctor's appointment and was given a 5 day course of Flucloxacillin to treat it, but I completely forgot that it affected the pill and never said anything to my doctor! That was during my pill free week (I'm on microgynon 30), and I just started my next pill packet on the Wednesday like I was supposed to.

By then I'd heard that it affected the pill and read the leaflet that came with my pills, it says to use extra contraception for 7 days after finishing any course of antibiotics. So I thought that'd be fine, and me and my boyfriend had sex like normal just on Sunday night, over a week since I last took an antibiotic..

Only now I'm reading online that you should give 2 weeks, or even up to 4 weeks before going back to sex without any extra contraception! I'm so worried about this, did we do it too soon? Or am I worrying over nothing? :confused:


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    Hi Kalika,

    There's so much conflicting information online - it can get really confusing! What sites did you read this information on? It's likely that the leaflet provided with the antibiotics will be accurate but for reassurance it might be worth calling NHS Direct to speak to a nurse there or even making an appointment with your doctor or a clinic (a lot of places have drop in clinics you can pop along to) to ask them. Better to ask for your own peace of mind than spend the month worrying!!

    Hope you had a nice break over Christmas :)
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