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Drug money saves the economy

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We know this type of stuff's been going on for years, but Jesus, for someone this high up to come out and make this claim based on available evidence, is just unbelievable.

Imagine it - if Bush I & II & Clinton had succeeded in the 'War on Drugs' the economy could have been in tatters!

Tax breaks for corner boys!

Escobar's brother for Chancellor!


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    Why am I not surprised?
    Because how many times have I said on here ...it is the biggest cash cow on the planet.
    Drugs ash ...feeds and clothes many people in this country and around the world. The black economy has always been essential.
    Billions of dollars of coaine and opium money has been the only source of cash on wall street for thirty years ...same in the city of London.
    When I say it people take it with a pinch of salt and rightly so but ...when someone from the UN says it ...you can be sure he doesn't know or isn't telling ...the full extent of the situation.
    Drugs money has started up so many shops bars clubs engineering factories cafes wharehouses transport companires ...you name it.
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