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Presenting Lifetracks.com

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Hello :wave:

As many of you know, YouthNet, the charity behind TheSite.org also has other websites that complement the services we provide here.

The first sibling to TheSite.org was Do-it – this is like a jobsite but for volunteering opportunities that you can search using your postcode. It also contains a magazine section with articles and blogs.

The second sibling is Lifetracks.com and that’s what this thread is about.
Lifetracks.com went live a while ago with a bunch of articles, factsheets, audio and video. This was closely followed by Need An Answer – a question and answer service that you can access to receive dedicated work, study and training advice. Now we’ve also started to build further functionality including a profile section so you can sign up for an account, write blogs and start collecting achievements.

You may be thinking, well there’s already a work and student section on TheSite.org (both on the boards and within the wider website) you can also already ask questions about careers and study on askTheSite. So why head over to Lifetracks.com?

Well, firstly, the breadth of the content on this new website goes further than TheSite.org. As it has a much more specific focus, there are dedicated journalists working to develop the content on jobs and studentsville. It is also been launched with a much broader range of video content and an exciting campaign called ‘Your Life on Track.

So, that’s why you might want to check out the content - but why sign-up for a profile? The way I see Lifetracks.com, it’s all about investing in your life choices. This means, engaging with other people in a dedicated setting to consider a wide range of options and opportunities that you might not have considered before. It’s also about finding motivation and inspiration for long-term goals and getting reassurance if your chosen path doesn’t seem so conventional.

At the moment you can interact through blogging – both by writing your own entries and commenting on others. In the future, you’ll have access to our Goaltracker functionality, be able to ‘friend’ people and become involved in a wider question and answer service.

And last but not least, because the overall focus is really quite different, you can collect achievements in a way that isn’t possible on TheSite.org.
So, why not sign-up, let us know what you think – and because it’s not about those sensitive, private issues, you can even tell your friends about it. :D

There's still a chance to get involved in the development of Lifetracks.com - you can find out about our project member opportunity on Do-it.

Enjoy. :thumb:
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