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Please Help..........

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Everything in my life has changed. I used to be 'normal', I used to do normal things, but everything changed that night. It was my fault that it happened. I get so angry all the time, I dont know to cope with it anymore.
I went to my gp because I cant sleep, I have really bad nightmares, that make me so scared. I broke down telling him everything, and he referred me to a crisis team, were I get councelling 1 a week. Im also on tablets to help with my depression and also ones to help me sleep.
I self harm and drink excessively because I just dont care anymore. That night he stole everything from me, he made me the miserable basket case I am and I will never get back to being the person I was before that night.
When I see my key worker I find it really hard to put how Im feeling into words, most times I end up saying hardly anything.
Im doing crap at uni, I cant concentrate on anything. Im ruining everything. I feel so shit all the time, and I know for sure its just a matter of time before the thoughts i have about how much i hate myself turn into irreversable actions.


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    Hi Ashleigh21 and welcome to The Site! :wave: Hopefully here you'll find some support and advice that might help you through this tough patch you're going through.

    Firstly welldone for going to your GP, :thumb: that's often the toughest step to ask for help and it's great that you managed to talk about what has happened and hopefully the crisis team can now support you. This will take time, so don't punish yourself if you're still feeling bad in a few weeks / months time.

    Have you had a look at the section here on Self-harm? There's lots of articles you can read through and they give information on recovery, give advice and offer support with what you're going through. You say you're drinking a lot too, have a look through these articles that deal with drinking, just to give you some more information and where you can seek help. You've mentioned briefly about what you feel is behind your current state of mind, but without wanting to presume anything, please have a look through the other articles on The Site, one might feel relevant to you.

    Have you got anyone you can talk to at Uni, or at home? Maybe friends, family or a tutor? Your Uni should have a counselling service or student support service team that should be able to help, as well as contining to see the crisis team.

    You're feeling really low now, but please believe that things can get better, use the support you have available and don't be afraid to ask for more. If you want to talk over the phone, rather than in person, your Uni might offer this service, or try Saneline or the Samaritans for confidential emotional support.

    Hang in there and keep in touch. Good luck :wave:
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    Hi Ashleigh,

    I'm really sorry to hear how you're feeling following what happened to you. I'm sure other people will have said this to you in counselling but I just wanted to say that what someone does to you isn't your fault and hard as it might be to see right now, people can help you find the person you remember being before.

    When you go to see your case worker have you thought about writing down how you feel beforehand? I know of a lot of people who've found that a useful way to remember what they want to talk about and what they are going through. Just notes so that when you're there you don't find yourself struggling to talk about your situation?

    Anyway, I hope things are going okay with the counselling, feel free to let us know how you are getting on.
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