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Poems for school?

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My poems are normally quite graphic, and I was wondering... do you reckon these are alright for a group of 12/13 year olds? I'm not very good at judge whats sutible for age groups. And also, I fancied posting some poems.

Gentle touch,
Longing clutch.
Holding on,
Already gone.
Hearts beating,
Minds retreating.
Mouths lying,
Thoughts crying.
Your gentle touch,
My longing clutch,
You’re still holding on,
I’m already gone.
Our hearts are beating,
Yet our minds are retreating.
We’re both lying,
And I’m still crying.

Years are but nothing in the eyes of a century
Like I am in the eyes of eternity
Days are but hours in the eyes of a month
Like steps are in the eyes of a jump
Weeks are but minutes in the eyes of a decade
Like crowds are in the eyes of huge parades
Life times are but moments in the eyes of death
Like air is in the eyes of a billion and one breaths
Moments are nothing in the eyes of forever
Like help will come for us. Never.

Liar liar
The mirror shows pain
The mirror shows love full of hate
The mirror shows the everlasting results of stupidity
The mirror shows a pale girl with bitten nails, and messed up hair
The mirror shows an unmendable t-shirt, dripping with blood, stinking of booze and sweat
The mirror lies I swear.
They are my three least graphic and probaly most sutible for class, but reading them through actually... I really am not sure they are gonna be okay. Also: What do you think of them??


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    I think the first two could be passable for class, I'd perhaps try and find another one to replace the third.

    I really like the style of Nothing- except for one bugbear, I don't like the word "parades"! I can see exactly why it's there, and it fits in the sentence, just to me it doesn't fit in the poem as a whole.

    These are very deep and observant. You have a nice style.
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