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not s/h since wednesday

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Im quite impressed with the fact that i havn't self harmed since wednesday but it does seem a tad strange. i think that i havn't done it because i am at my boyfriend's. I do miss the feeling although i do want to stop. I just get stressed so easily especially with this essay that i am trying to write - nothing seems to be going to plan atm.
I have supposedly missed an appointment with my mental health liasion worker which i havn't cause i wrote it down. Feel bad that i didn't turn up but obviously it must have been a mis understanding. I ain't been to that focus group for people with different mental health conditions yet. It seems a tad weird ya know going and meeting people who i could know from university so im not sure - keep putting it off.
Only got 1 week of teaching left and then another week to finish my essay so i suppose that i should be impressed with it as i can't wait to get back home and start to work. im going to the xmas do with work - my mum paid for the ticket and is buying me an outfit which i have already bought and she is giving me the money back to. I hate shopping for clothes as i don't like feeling really really big - but thankfully i got something today and i got jewelry as well. so yeh it should be kl. No one has seen me from work since i went into hospital last year so hopefully it will be nice to get some kl comments ya know - and feel back at home with them all. They are a great laugh and i should be able to feel alot better. I just worry about how i am going to look but apparently they are all excited to have me back and it may just be me being paranoid all of the time.
Sorry just needed to get this off my chest......sorry for the waffling....:yes:


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    Hey there flower,

    Congrats on not self harming! And all the exciting things that are going on for you - you sound really busy! No wonder you're anxious about seeing people - its been a long time. Just take a deep breath and try to remember that they really are excited to see you!

    Have fun and let us know how you get on :)
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    Didn't read the whole post- sorry!
    But well done on not self harming.
    And yeah, it does feel odd at first, but you will get used to it :-) Try your best not to start again, but don't beat yourself up about it if you do.
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    good job! its a good start but dont feel bad if you selfharm again. i know its really hard to stop.

    hope everything gets better ;)
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