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Electric Shower broken

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Was using the shower yesterday and it made a strange noise then cut off and now it doesn't work, the power light doesn't come on when I press the on button and no water comes out and it makes no noise (it usually makes a little noise when first turned on).

Everyone keeps asking me if I've checked the fuse but I wouldn't know where to look :blush: Our trip switch didn't go off and it usually does when bulbs blow so it is quite reactive.

Anyone had this happen to them before? Not sure what to do, whether to get someone in to look at it and who (plumber or electrician or both!?) or just get a new one but then someone will need to install it. Damn annoying :mad:


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    First see if it's something simple like a fuse. Kill the power at your main fuse box, take the cover off the shower and have a look inside for anything that is obviously broken or burnt out.

    It's an electrical fault anyway, so best calling for someone to have a look at it if the fuse isn't the problem.
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