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Teeth Care

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I have recently broken/chipped one of my front teeth, but the break is at the back of the actual tooth. I have now got this really bad tooth ache/pain. The tooth has become very sensative and I can feel pain when I just touch it and I feel I may need to either have it removed or have a procedure called Route Canal which I don't really want !!

I am not looking forward to having a whole at the front of my teeth, doesn't look good at job interviews or when trying to smile or have a conversation with the ladies ?

I was just wondering if anyone has had the procedure Route canel done ?

Now I have spent the morning trying to find a NHS dentist and it is really terrible I have an appointment for 3 weeks time. Now I got a couple of questions:

Anyone got any tips for keeping the pain away ?
Has anyone had one of their bottom front teeth removed and how did it affect your self-esteem/confidence, finding work, looking for a G/F, those sorts of things ?
Did anyone have there gap replaced, I don't want to be left looking like shane McGowan(The pogues) front singer ?

Thanks for reading!!


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    If you're in pain you should be able to get an NHS dentist appointment I believe within 48 hours.

    Tooth damage is much better looked at sooner rather than later.

    First thing to try to get an appointment sooner would be to ring up the place you have your appointment with and tell them you are in pain, can they see you sooner.

    If that doesn't work, see if you have PALS in your area, will be part of the health authority administration, they should be able to put you in touch with an NHS dentist who will see you.

    Or look for a Dental Access Centre in the area.

    Or call NHS direct, they are apparently supposed to be able to help you find a dentist, and a dentist who will see you soon if you're in pain.
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    I had a root canal done when i was younger, it was a bit painful, but that was mostly the local anaesthetic in my gum, other than that, they do poke around a bit to see when it has numbed, so that was uncomfortable, but not really painful.
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