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Incapcity in youth benefit

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hey all.

am new here but found this site by googling my question and finding something similar.

Regarding incap in youth, I am a student which I made very clear all along the way (didn't think I could get it as a student) and have been getting it for about 2 years now.

I am in my final year of uni now, and have found part time work in the field i want to work when I've finished.

I am waiting on the form to fill in for permitted work and I have an interview on thurs at the job centre to talk about work etc.

Am I still good for incap or not? I don't know the system and I'm worried that I will lose my benefit and have to get a job for the weekends which would absolutley kill me and I'd more than likely end up bed ridden after a couple of weeks of trying.

I'm at a bit of a loss really....
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