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Normal service will now be resumed

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Nice as it is having everyone agreeing with me on something, I'm afraid that normal service must be resumed at some point. :p

Amidst the hoo-hah over the PM spelling a few words wrong, news has emerged that the Government has begun a review into student tuition fees. The timing is correct - when they were introduced in 2006, Labour did say this review would take place. Delighted to see the Government keeping to its promises for once - what a shame they couldn't do it more often. They could be increased after 2010 by more than the rate of inflation. Says the Beeb: "A review of how much students in England pay for university has been launched by ministers, to be chaired by former BP chief, Lord Browne. The review has been told it must take into account the aim of widening participation in university and the need to simplify support for students. The findings of the review will not be published before the general election."

Not publishing this result before the election is something of a cop-out, to say the least. Young people currently have no reason whatsoever to vote for Labour - it is the youngest in our society whom are suffering most from unemployment at the moment.

Regardless, what I think now needs to happen is for all restrictions on tuition fees to be scrapped entirely. Allow universities to charge whatever they want for any course. Charge more for over-subscribed courses, charge less to attract people to subjects such as the sciences. In return, universities would be forced to set up a system where their poorest students would be paying nothing, those in the middle would be paying some of the cost, and the richest families would pay the whole cost. I can't see anything particularly unfair in that, can you?

Wonder who will be the first to disagree with me now. :p Over to you.
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