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Am I depressed or am I just a Teenager?

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Hi I’m only on this site to ask this question I’ve looked around a bit before posting on this site but I’m not sure where else I can ask this question.
I’m female, 17 years old 18 in April, I am in my second year of college, I am studying to become a graphic designer I will be doing a supplement course at another college and going to university after that. I go to life drawing classes and spend Friday nights with my 4 friends watching movies and occasional go out on a Saturday to go to the cinema or shops with my best friend. I have a small 3 hour Saturday job at ASDA where I work alone and don’t talk to many people some people talk to me because my mam works there and they know her.
I would say some time since January of this year I feel my way of thinking has somehow changed, I have always occasionally had that one day that I just feel low for example one day I would just feel ugly when I was out shopping and get pains in my stomach like the feeling you get when your nerves. I have a problem with staying up on a night I seem to go to bed at 9pm or 8pm then when I wake up I feel agitated with pains in my stomach (like nerves) and I feel tired throughout the day. I am passionate about art and reading but I feel like it is a chore now and struggle to motivate myself to do anything. I feel guilty over things and over think everything I do, the movements I make, the way I phrase things, what I think over people think about me. I am not confident and I don’t have many friends, I don’t go out much and like home comforts. I wouldn’t say I think about death a lot but I have thought on occasion that everything would be easier if I died now and wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
I have changed my diet and started going to the gym this has been going on for about 2 months. I told my mam about my trouble sleeping (nothing else) and if I could go to the doctors about it she said she would book an appointment but there isn’t nothing they would do except tell me to change my diet, she went to make me an appointment and there was a 4 week waiting list so I told her to leave it cause I might feel better by then. I don’t want to waste a doctor’s time with something that is nothing and I don’t know if I would be able to tell him these things any way I have never told anyone these things because I don’t want to sound like a hypercondriac. I feel more like a hypercondriac now because I have been looking around online about my tiredness and online it said it could be linked to depression then I looked up depression and did some of those terrible phrased quizzes. I have no reason to feel depressed I have a good family life my parents are together and very caring, I have an older brother who I love and can always make me laugh I have a pet cat. I know a girl at college who’s mam died this year, she deserves time and sympathy, I don’t.
I feel like I have wrote to much now but I just want to explain myself fully so I can hopefully get some advice. Is something I could include in my diet some part of my day to day like I could change to perk me up?
Thank you to anyone who replies.


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    You haven't written too much at all. :)

    Yes, it may be a degree of depression, but it may also be that you suffer more from anxiety, and that the fear of waking with a nervous stomach is preventing you from sleeping, leading to a low mood.

    It isn't only the people with physical problems who deserve help from their GP, nor is it solely for people dealing with grief. It is well worth your time going and speaking with your GP. It only takes a few minutes, and they'll be able to make a better diagnosis than people on here.

    If it is depression, and it began to worsen, then that trip to the GP may have not seemed like such a waste... how many people don't go to the doctor after finding a small bump, or an odd mole, but find out down the line that it is cancerous and could have been more readily treated had they visited earlier?

    Go talk to your GP. One visit is hardly a waste of their time. :)
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    Hi Jenny335 :)

    Welcome to TheSite's boards, the community here is supportive and a safe environment for advice. There is no word limit, so write as much as you need to express yourself. It's really good that you have been able to open up here and let people know how you are feeling. It's also really positive that you have been able to recognise that your way of thinking has somehow changed and that your feelings of nerves, agitation and tiredness may need addressing.

    Everything that Click To See More has written is absolutely right - it's better to get these things checked out by a medical professional sooner rather than later. Even if you have to wait to see your GP, it may be better than not going at all? Looking online to get a diagnosis can often be misleading - we would always recommend speaking to a professional? You could also try the NHS Direct helpline and website? You do not have to meet someone face to face this way?

    You may want to check out some of the resources we have on here, including information on depression, anxiety, health boosts and good mood food.

    Everybody is different and everybody, including you, deserves time and sympathy. Life experiences affect people in different ways and even though you say you have a good family and are at college etc, doesn't make you any less likely to feel low or anxious.

    Take care and keep posting - :)
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    Thanks for the posts. Ive read the information you have provided and I tried to ring the NHS Direct number which took a lot of thinking i spent the most of the day thinking I should ring them but once I had the phone in my hands I couldnt bring myself to do it I kept thinking what would i say, I tried to reanact the senario in my head but my mind was telling me that its unimportant I shouldnt ring, Anyway I tried to ring thins morning and it was busy and they sed that they where only taking emergancy cases and i could wait up to 4 hours if my case was not that inportant, I hung up, I dont know if I will get the courage to ring again.
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    Hi jenny335 :wave:

    Sounds like it was a big step to ring the NHS direct number at all and it must have been difficult to be told that as you weren't an "emergency" you would have to wait. If you can, I'd really urge you to have another go at getting some support. I think you deserve it.

    Please let us know how you get on,
    Take care, cat treats :)
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