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1st Krush

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Hey,this my 1st post on this site, how is everbody? I have a problem maybe some of you could help me with.
There is this girl i really really like, i like her more than any girl i have fancied before and have done so for a few years. I am the quiet, shy type of guy who could perhaps be more talkative at times. It maybe isn't as bad as people who have been in the same shoes as me, she knows i exist.
In mind I feel like I have blown my chance of getting to know her:( , before she use to say hi to me everyday she saw me at school but now she tends to say hi when i'm least expecting it. I wish i could talk to her, but i would never know what to say, i would probably be too nervous, i think perhaps my shyness has put her off speaking to me. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am okay once you get to know me and am more talkative.

I recently found out a good friend of mine who is a similar type of guy to me revealed he likes the same girl, I fear that if she did start talking to him( she hasn't yet) she may like him( well he is a babyface) I remember his girlfriend dumped him last year and i felt really sorry for him. I have tried to forget about her but I can't

It has been at a stage for me for a while where i feel awful because I like her sooooo much and I feel like i can do nothing. This time last year, I was so sad that i was in tears cos i wouldn't see her for 6weeks( i know very sad and pathetic) summer holidays can be really long at times. It is tearing me up inside and i don't know what to do.

Please help, I would be very grateful for your advice and thoughts


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    crushes hit you pretty bad, however this girl who you say hi to every now and again could not be that person you thought she was. The only way to find out is to get to know her, which may sound like a hard task but if you dont do this then it will always be a crush and not anything else, that maybe where you're friend is scoring points. if she says hi she must have some interest in you even if it's not a attraction, she may have wanted you to talk to her but was a bit put off by you not doing so. you haven't blown it in anyway it just needs a little work, try to speak to her ask her if she wants to hang out sometime just get to know her.
    to avoid those eerie silences come up with some questions to ask
    her eg what music she likes tv programes anything
    just go for it im sure at least if anything she could be a really good friend.you got nothing left to loose

    but most important thing is to be yourself, dont try to be someone you're not

    let me know how it goes

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    At first, I thought you were me! lol. Just kidding, its just that situation is VERY similar to mine.

    Theres a girl I like, I'm a shy person so did nothing (btw, I recently found out she doesn't like me when I thought she did). My best mate also likes her and this really worried me coz from what I've heard, hes a good looking guy (I don't know what kind of guys are good looking and which aren't). I think she liked him a bit too. This girl did used to like me but she doesn't anymore - I blew my chance, so I think you should ask her out, thats what I wish I had done now. If you don't, then eventually she'll go off you (thats if she does like you) and you'll regret the fact you did nothing.

    About my best mate though, hes a bit of a "male slut", that may sound nasty but its the truth. Hes only ever interested in what a girl looks like, and its the same with this one. He has had a chance to ask her out and he hasn't which I'm grateful for. But if he tried going out with her, then I would stop it at all costs not coz I like her but coz of what hes like. They have absolutely nothing in common. Last December he had about 5 girlfriends in that one month. Earlier this year he even went out with someone who bullied him just coz she was attractive and that last for 2 days! So if your mate is the same then I think you should stop him from going out with her too, regardless of whether you do or not.

    Good luck.
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    Sounds like you sound a better chance than your mate :)

    If shes saying hi etc doesnt that tell you that she likes you?

    If your REALLY worried that your mate is gonna get to her before you, you'd better start acting on your feelings. I understand that your shy but the best thing to do in that situation is to speak before thinking.

    I've never been in this situation so i dont know if the above advice is gonna help!
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    Dont worry about being shy. Lots of girls like shy guys. I think you will have to try and speak to her. Perhaps it would be easier if you get her on her own. Just talk about anything really, it doesnt matter what. If you have her number then text her first maybe. Good luck hun! :)
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    i am the same with some girl in my road (see earlier post)

    I still havent dun anythin about it yet, but will do in the next couple of days as i am getting lonely.

    Just find the courage, and go and talk to her. See if she likes u, or, talk to one of her friends, and see if she likes u.

    Good Luck!
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    Mate, talk to the girl fast.

    In my school years I was mad over a girl, she got her friend to ask me out but being 14 and embarrsed with the whole year looking at me, i bottled it and said no.

    After that we would only talk with each other within a group, i'd avoid he like the plague i was so embarrsed.

    Get her on her OWN and chat, after a few times you will know if she likes you or not.

    As said in an above reply, think of things to say (Music, friends, family, intrests) and be yourself.

    You never know she might just be mad over you!
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    I decided to try and talk to her at school but i couldn't face her when it came down to it, later in the day a friend of mine gave me her number insisting i had a great chance if i were to ask her out. I didn't ask her out, but i did tell her that i really liked her. I haven't recieved a reply and that was 3 days ago.
    Today i have been told that she recieved my message and she hasn't replied because she is too shy( sure doesn't seem shy at school when talking to boys) Anyway if i was to ask her out she would say yes. Should i texted her again?, if she didn't reply last time what are the chances of her replying this time???
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