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Flat being uninhabitable

Quick question.

Basically, on Tuesday evening, our boiler packed up. Nothing new there then.

We have a dedicated maintenance guy who, though a surly fucker, is actually quite good at fixing stuff when he can be bothered to get his Cockney arse in gear.

He, however, as we found out yesterday, is on holiday until next Tuesday. We spoke with the landlord who had blatantly failed to see this coming and had not made adequate provisions should something go wrong in any of his properties during the maintenance guy's holiday.

At the moment, we're trying to get through to him to work something out, basically whereby we call an external gas man in, get it fixed and get reimbursed by the landlord. However, I can see him saying no and telling us to wait until the maintenance guy gets back, by which time we will have been without hot water and heat for a whole week. And it's getting chilly in Fulham.

How long do we have to go without before the flat is considered uninhabitable because, let's face it, no hot water basically is uninhabitable? Would we be justified, assuming the landlord stalls and stalls, in getting in someone else to do the work and then taking that amount from our rent? We've been renting from him for a long time now and relationship is pretty good. However, no hot water for a week is pretty fucking rich.

Thanks in advance!
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