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Abortions and Pregnancy

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Discussion Show about Abortion...

Hello everyone, basically if you don't know I'm a student studying BTEC National Diploma Media Prodcution. At the moment my current project is to produce a discussion show that we feel strongly about.

Our show is about the topic of Abortion. It's a sensitive subject but we need brave people who have been through this kind of ordeal to step forward and tell your story and voice your views.

I've already got a few members of the audience lined up one of which is my own sister who had a terrible ordeal in which she had an abortion that went horribly wrong. She had a miscarriage a few months after without realizing that anything went wrong.

So anyone who knows of someone who has had an abortion or has themselves gone through it, or if you are the boyfriend/partner of someone then please get in contact with me as soon as possible to discuss this further.

Thank you for your time

Stephanie Birch
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