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Self harming

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    Hi there sicilianrose460 :wave: and welcome to the site!

    We hope you find the site helpful and supportive.
    Really glad you're taking the time to find out how to tend to your wounds. There's a whole heap of info on the site - check out our self-harm first aid section for some answers.

    Perhaps some other posters have ideas about hiding the cuts during sports?

    Let us know if you find the pages helpful and keep posting for any support you need.

    Take care, cat treats
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    I think a few posts recently have said using any sort of foundation/concealer is useful for covering scars, or, if they are on the wrists, then maybe bracelets or sweatbands?

    Keeping the sissors clean, if you can't get any anti-bacterial wipes, then alcohol is always a good resort (or i guess even that antibacterial/ antiviral hand gel?)
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    It would entirely depend on where you're harming. If it's on your arms you could use the ribbed support bandages (they're less than £1 or not much more than that iirc from Boots).

    In regards to cleanliness, scissors are one of the worst things you can use. *If* you are going to harm, you want to use something very sharp and sterilise/disinfect it before *and after*. Cutting straight down into the skin (with the blade at a 90 degree angle to your skin) will stop infection getting under your skin, and investing in an antibacterial cream like Savlon or Sudocrem will be a good idea. Burning (with a lighter) is actually the most sterile way to harm as the heat sterilises the metal, but there is a bigger surface area with more potential for infection so it's very much a case of swings and roundabouts.

    I haven't read the article cat treats posted, but thesite always has good info. My main point is going to be that if you DO cut too deep and you can't stop the bloodflow DO NOT be embarrassed about going to A&E.
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    Your post has worried me a bit. I am also a sometimes self harmer and i use scissors too but i had not even thought about the possibility of infection....the reason it worries me is that would you not rather try and stop than try and use damage limitation? Im not sure how easy it is to get help but I really want to try as it just makes me feel worse everytime i do it. plus I am getting fed up with scars alll over my body and people who dont know asking me what they are there for. Please try and seek some help - obviously if u have to do it safely but try and speak to your doctor as they can help. also some other people said to me about pressing ice cubes into your skin. Or actually personally i have found, which prob isdnt the most hygenic or good but sometimes if i have felt really bad and have no things to hurt myself with just scratching myself with my hands/nails helps to give a similar release when not ac tually breaking the skin/makin urself bleed. But above everything just speak to someone, i spoke to one of my friends tonight and made me feel a lot better. xxx
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