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biiiiig uni / career question

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OK.. so right now im supposed to be starting my final year of my degree (retake).

The basic story is - i did sixth form and continued on to uni because i had really relalllllllllly no idea what i wanted to do. I ended up doing a web computing degree which i really didnt like and didnt pay attention to (misssed mannnnnnnnny lectures etc). So i pretty much failed my final year and blagged a retake saying i was depressed (horribly inconsiderate for genuine cases i know). Anyway, it has come to crunch time and im sposed to go back. I cant fathom being motivated to actually go to all my lectures and complete a degree i have llittle interest in, however if i bail now that means ive wasted 4 years of my life.

I never knew what i wanted to do after 6th form so i decided on some decent money degree (computers). anyway this carried on as i never knew what i enjoyed.... Right now my problem is do i go back to my final year and try agian even though I passed yr 1 and 2 basically through general intelligence and not course knowledge, or do i re-apply to another uni to try and find something i vaguely enjoy. Im really worried cos if i started uni again i would finish at like 25 which aint great for a career. but at the same time i dont feel ready for 9-5 work cos i didnt exercise my self discipline doing my degree i just blagged my way along.

I think about this shit every day and its absolutely destroying me.. its so stressful not knowing what to do with my life :(

Some empathy here would be rather fantastic. Has ANYONE been in this sort of situation?

IM SOOSOSOSOSOSO aware that I shouldve sorted this out after the first year of my degree but i didnt know at all what i wanted to do as a degree.
I know in the end its totally my decision but ANY incite would be so much appreciated.



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    i think theres no point any further down a path you don't want to take and if that means throwing away years of work then you need to decide whether the degree and job that entails is what you want, and see it through, or not and bail out. going to uni isn't the be all and end all there are plenty of other paths to take in the form of apprenticeships and stuff. don't give up just because uni hasn't worked out for you :)
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    I think you should finish the degree you've started. You don't actually have a year, surely it's just 26weeks really? I would see it as a means to an end and get it done.

    Also, go and see your careers advisory service and your tutor and see if there are any career avenues that interest you more, which you could do with your degree. Your tutor might be able to tell you how you caould adjust your degree so there are one or two more interesting things in there fo ryou too.
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