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Silly excuses in love?

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I have been with my boyfriend a year now and we usually text everynight as normal now recently he has been such a moody git! he has really been stressing me out (i have been moody and stressed recently) Last night was similar to every other night I text my boyfriend but this night it was quite important. I never recieved any replys as usual i just made a joke about it knowing that normally after he recieved the last text he would reply. woke up at 12 and he still hadnt replied. in the morning he still hadnt replied i was getting desperate for the answer to the text so i rung him on his way to work.

i could tell on the phone he was in a mood a asked him why he had not replied and he said that he FORGOT i sent 3-4 texts and he said he forgot. i would not mind if he was out, busy, asleep but the fact he said he did nothing (couldnt remeber what he did.) i just got the idea he did not want to talk and the mood he was in the way he was talking to me (short snappy words almost abrubpt and very rude) was very rude and he knows i dont like it. he was not in a mood as he was shouting and screaming across the road to his mates while on the phone to me so i have done something wrong and he wont tell me what. i think i tend to read to far into things and im worried i did something before he went home as he was really moody then. Although he threw a strop as i wanted top go home to do work but he wanted to stay at his, thats all i can think of.

What do you guys think is wrong with him?

And what is the worst excuse someone or you have used in a relationship?


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    maybe there is something on his mind. My gf has been the same recently, although I know the reason, it still makes me worry, and makes me think im being ignored. The best you can do is try and talk to him about it, until then try not to send him any texts.
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    i sometimes think im being silly and worrying about nothing but in a week with be our first anniversary and i really love him. its annoying the fact that he does not say when there is anything wrong i will ask him but he still says nothing he is moody with me and with anyone else hes happy and cheerful. :confused:

    he means a lot to me and if i have done something wrong or i have upset him i would like to know instead of feeling like this. thankyou whowhere. im seeing a counsellor today because im so depressed all the time partly because of my boyfriend and my insecurities with him. (how can he like me etc) and other various probs so got to go to my appointment now. thanks

    devil :)
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    my ex went like this because he supposedly had depression, although that was just an indiviudal example
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    Aww, hugs to *devil*! i feel exactly the same at the moment. Me and my boyfriend used to text all the time however recently hes stopped doing it as much. I cant help but think a lot of the time that he doesnt like me as much as he used to or he thort i was something im not, and now he knows me, hes gone off me. Does that make sense?! i dnt want to moan at little things like declines in texts and when hes rude to me (rude as in short answers, feels like he cant be bothered to speak to me etc) coz then he will prob think im one of those gfs who constantly nags and moans! its confusing i know! i am just going to wait and see what the summer brings as hopefully we will be more relaxed and less stressed with each other and therefore hopefully get along better, if not im going to have to think twice about our relationship. Just hang in there *devil* and hopefully things will get better4u.

    In my case my bf is often moody with me bcoz of jealousy, you see im a model and get a lot of attention from other guys, he never says anything but he gets annoyed when his friends talk about me and stuff. i try not to talk about it with him as its a touchy subject, though it really annoys me, its not like its my fault. At the end of the day, i would rather be appreciated by someone and i cant help but feel my bf takes me for granted sometimes. ooh i hope things work out between us!
    Oh god, ive babbled on for ages! sorry!

    G :):) D LUCk *devil* xXxXxXxXx p.s i need a hug now! :(
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    *hugs* to Devil and Sunny_L85

    gemma (devil), like you said you read to far into things. im sure youve had your days where youve been slightly off with gary. maybe its the fact that you get annoyed with him when he doesnt text you. maybe this annoys him cos he feels like he HAS to do everything you want him to else you ask him questions and it gets into an argumnet or whatever. try not to act too over the top. give him abit of freedom, if he doesnt text you act like your not so bothered and then he may not like it cos your not chasing after him all the time. play him at his own game. hope it all works out cos i know you too are meant for eachother. good luck with counselling, that might help things a bit, hope it does. try not to be depressed cos i am at the minute, at least you didnt leave to late to tell gary you love him like i did with paul. think of all the positive things about gary, like the way he gets the day off college to visit you in college, all the bloody teddies youve got off him and all the rest of the stuff he buys you. think of the amount of times hes taken you cinema and places like that.
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    Yes thanks everyone. i have a slight problem now the fact that he wants to work nights (the only time i can see him he is involved with football sat and sun so im afraid i will never see him so whats the point? why bother with a relationship where they live 100 metres away and you cant see them.:(
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    What do you guys think is wrong with him?

    Hes got ginger hair, nuff said :rolleyes: :p
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