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I think I've been given counterfeit money! :(

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I've been having a declutter and selling stuff on gumtree.

Two, I have to say, dodgy looking guys... came to pick up something. And when they arrived I mentioned something about an email and they suddenly said "Oh that's my brothers email".

Then we looked over the stuff and they pulled out these £20s. Having worked in the pub industry for a long time I have dealt with fake and real notes a lot and these felt and looked real.

It wasn't until they left pretty swiftly I got a bit suspicious and got my old UV pen out and there are these little flecks all over the notes.

They feel like £20s and the serials are all different. The colour comes off when I do the purple strip but they just seem off.

What should I do? I know I have to give them into the police at whatnot but am I left totally out of pocket?


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