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AS results are low, what should I do next?/What to do after A levels?

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Hi, I have some questions about the second year of a levels/as level results and about uni courses and options.

I have my AS results and they are 3 Ds and a U. It is enough for me to carry on and get my a levels, but I would have to do retakes in all the subjects to be able to get a good grade in the end. Also the U is in one of the subjects I was planning on carrying on to A2.

1. I dont know if I should try and resit some exams to get good grades in the end and see what happens next or if I should do something else.

Another problem is the descusions about what to do after 6th form are here and I don't know what to do. The only thing teachers talk about is uni so I don't know what I can do if uni isnt right for me or if i cant get into uni.

I wouldnt mind going to uni, but there is a problem. I have looked at courses and I have found a course that I would love to take (CG arts and animation at UCA). The thing is my current courses aren't working towards this uni. The subjects im taking are geography, sociology(which i got a u in), economics and general studies(which i was always going to drop).

2. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get the requirements to get into UCA which is a portfolio? or what else i could do?

My other option for uni is doing something on the phsical side of geography. The thing is I have no idea what it would be like and what kind of work I would do. When I talk to people about phsical geography they always say things along the lines of "oow, phsical geography, you could go see volcanoes...". However the only practical physical geography I have done is counting plants and stuff which I found tediously boring. I also dont know what I could do after uni if i went for something like this and what it would be like.

3. Does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to experience the jobs that would be avalible after doing physical geography?

I cant choose what to do because it will greatly effect the rest of my life and I have a few weeks to choose with insufficient knowledge on what I can do. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks :thumb:


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    sorry to hear you didn't get the results you were hoping for. Just take a deep breath first of all. Have you established from your teachers why you didn't get the grades you were predicted? If you re-took AS-levels, would you be doing those alongside the first sit for A-levels? That's a lot of work to do at the same time; you need to talk to your tutors. (Sorry, I'm not sure what to do advise about this, although I would finish A-levels.)

    Schools do push uni as the next natural step for students, but if I were you, I would take a step back. Do not just pick the course that you think is the best out of your exam results, or your favourite one right now, as your interests might alter as you get older. Unless you're absolutely sure you love your subject and want 3 years of if at a higher level, or you are on a course that is likely to get you a job at the end, I really would think carefully before following the crowd and going to uni. While a lot of employers may expect a degree nowadays, the work you do when you get a job as a graduate could be far below the intellectual level you're capable of if you had gone to uni and survived completing a degree. Then you'll ask yourself, what was the point?

    Re. question 2, the disparity between saying you want to do arts animation compared to physical geography is huge! Why have you chosen these subjects? What do you want to use them for? You say you "don't mind" if you go to uni, but your motivation needs to be much stronger than that if you're literally going to last the course.

    After sixth-form/college I'd advise taking a year out and working in any job (office temp/retail/estate agent?). It will give you an insight into what working life is like, and make you really question what you want for a career. Does earning money motivate you, or do you like caring for people, or are you good at something practical like building or cooking? You'll also talk to people that love or hate their jobs, and that will put your situation into perspective. Learning about yourself should give you a clearer idea of where you want to be in a few years' time.

    Then if you still want to go to uni, you can go having made a more rounded, balanced judgement about whether it's right for you or not :)

    I can only emphasise again, please do not rush, and it's worth investing some time now to make an informed decision.

    In answer to question. 3, look at the Prospects website for options with potential degree subjects; it's got lots of useful info: http://www.prospects.ac.uk/cms/ShowPage/Home_page/Options_with_your_subject/p!eXbLc

    All the best and let us know what you decide x
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