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Cheese scones

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I made cheese scones and they turned out like rocks :(

Anyone got a recipe for light and fluffy scones?


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    Funny that you ask, I've been making scones every morning for my mom who's in hospital and they're pretty good.


    8 oz plain flour
    1tsp baking powder
    2tsp cream of tartar
    2 oz butter
    pinch salt
    1 egg
    3ish tablespoons milk

    (this is basic scone recipe, variations below)

    sift the flour into a bowl with the cream of tartar and baking powder, and the salt. stir. add the butter chopped into small pieces then rub into the flour until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. lightly whisk egg, add to mixture along with enough milk to make a dough - make sure its not too sticky because then the scones will spread out when cooking them and will be flat and manky. roll out to a thickness of about 3/4 inch and stamp out scones, place on a greased baking tray, brush the tops with milk or with egg. then put in a preheated oven temperature about 225C, will take bout 15 mins to cook and are ready when the tops are a nice golden colour.

    if you want a sweet scone add in 1tbsp sugar with the flour and raising thingies, you could also add currants or sultanas.

    if you want a cheesy scone add about 1oz of grated cheese, i live in italy so i use parmagiano but you can use whatever you want, but strong cheeses work the best else you cant taste them! you can also sprinkle some cheese on top after the egg/milk before you put them in the oven for crunchy cheese topped scones.

    :thumb: just call me the domestic goddess
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    Thanks domestic goddess! :D Will try these at the weekend
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