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Girlfriend and pills question

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My girlfriend is going to Reading Festival for the first time this year with her friend. She's really excited and has been making the detailed plans lately.

What worries me is that her friend is something of a 'druggie' and is probably bringing some pills. My girlfriend and I have had conversations about drugs before and we have agreed that weed is perfectly fine, but neither of us would be comfortable with anything stronger. While she was on the phone to her friend, she said 'no, I probably won't be able to get any pills, do you want to bring some?'. I asked her if she was going to take pills, and she said 'I don't know, I might do, it's a festival.'

I am deeply worried that she's making a quite rash decision - I don't think she's appreciated that she'll be in a field with 75,000 people, the only person she'll know is her friend, and that everybody knows that pills can be dangerous, but if anything goes wrong it'll be difficult to get help. Not to mention the risk of getting arrested if found in possession, or even getting into the habit of taking them on nights out after Reading.

Am I being ridiculous? I'm worried that if she's so non-committal on taking pills, anything else could be not far behind, and I don't want her to go down that path. What should I say/do to make clear my feelings on the matter, that this worries me greatly?


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    No, you are not being ridiculous, just tell her your not too happy and just want her to be safe. send her on pillreports.com and erowid, and here. let her know your concerned. but also respect her decision, even though you think its a ridiculous one.

    get yourself there
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    Have you considered that maybe she wasn't as against it in the first place as you originally thought? She might not be making as rash a decision as you think. People's opinions on drugs sometimes change over time. If you explain your feelings on the subject and ask her what she honestly thinks, you can come to some kind of understanding.

    In terms of safety, there will presumably be medical staff around. You can't ever guarantee quality of pills, but you can suggest your girlfriend or her friend get a testing kit, which can indicate the kind of drug in the pill and if any adulterants are present. Besides that, buying from people your girlfriend's friend trusts and not just random people is a safer bet.
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    Considering the amount of BZP pills out there at the moment I would advise against it.
    Isntead of lovey dovey she'll be trippy flippy, and feeling that way unexpectantly at a festival may not be the most pleasurable experience.

    Even if you were sure to get ecstasy it's not advisable. your first time is in such a setting. I love ecstasy, honestly think everybody shoudl try it, but at the same time be responsible with it's use.
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    If you're worried, do the SUPPORTIVE thing, buy her a pill testing kit online before she goes, as said above, give her websites with information.
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