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eating disorders

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Hey :)
I was just wondering if there is anybody else who is recovering or suffering with an eating disorder who would like to chat ??
Iv been suffering with an eating disorder for 3 years and it is the hardest thing ever. I now want to go into recovery and i am determined to not relapse like other times and it would be great to have people to talk to through this. I'm sick of being trapped in this illness which has destroyed me in so many ways.


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    Hi Ema,

    There are other people who have experienced eating disorders who use these discussion boards - although as with anything people are going through, or have been through, sometimes people like to talk about it and at other times they don't.

    It might help if you wanted to discuss how you felt and the details of what your going through in a little more detail - so people can see if there is anything specific from their own experiences that might help.

    There are also other websites you might want to take a look at and other content on TheSite.org that might be able to help you.

    Our content on eating disorders includes -

    Eating disorders explained

    Anorexia and bulemia information

    An true story from Emma, who talks about her experience of an eating disorders

    You might also want to look at some previous questions and answers about eating disorders - which you can see on this search results page -

    Talking of askTheSite - our free question and answer service - if you want to ask your own question then you can do that through this link -


    For other websites that might be able to help, the best place might be beat, the national eating disorders association, here's the link


    So I hope that's helpful, and please do let us know if there's anything specific people might be able to give you advice on
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    I'd highly recommend having a look at the b-eat website if you haven't already.

    The first step to recovery is wanting it, so sounds like you're already well on the way to that one, your post on here demonstrates that. The next major one is getting the help you need to do so. Support online can help, but you'll also need more practical support like nutrition advice from a dietician/GP/nurse depending on where you're up to.

    What involvement have you had with the medical profession so far? It would give some clues of suggestions as to where to start.

    Recovery will take a lot of determination, but that can only get you so far as generally those who have suffered with eating disorders lose a certain perspective on what a normal and healthy diet is and need a certain amount of support and education to readjust.
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    Iv been on b-eat and i am a member of their site. I just wanted a change of support for a new attempt of recovery. Ayear ago now everything was getting sorted out and went to a specialist once a week to get weighed in etc. buti did relapse, mainly because i felt pushed into recovery and i wasnt ready for whta faced me. This time round im ready to recover and have been to the GP who is sorting out counciling to help recovery. I know how hard its gunna be and really would aperiacate people to talk to :)
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