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Disabled students allowance and change of needs?

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I am hoping this is just a phase, but have a feeling it isn't:

In July, I went for my needs assessment and was offered a piece of text-to-speech software, (this is where the software reads things out to me) which I turned down on the basis that I felt I didn't need it.

I am now struggling more and more to use my computer due to my visual problems (what I have causes tiredness plus vision to be worse than normal, which varies throughout the day depending on tiredness) and feel now that the software would be of some use to me. I have tried changing the settings on my computer, but they don't help me that much.

Do I have to wait until I apply for my second year (assuming everything goes ok on Thursday) before I can request the software? Or can I ask for it any time throughout my course? I will need to wait anyway because I need to try out software before deciding this is the one I require.


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    You don't have to wait until your second year, mainly because they don't reassess each year, its only done if required because of a change of needs.

    If it's something that you've thought about later and realised may actually be helpful then there's often a way to get it added on. They'll probably have a copy that you can try out on computers somewhere in the university. Then talk to the disability centre, they'll know how to go about getting it added on. Often if it's just one piece of software your that makes good sense then your LEA will authorise and the disks will be sent out to you.
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