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recovering from apendix removal

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I've just spent a week in hospital after having crippling cramps in my lower abdomen - had no classic signs of apendix, and they thought it to be gynaecological - asides finding out that i have poly cystic ovaries after 5 days they finally decided to do a laproscopy and found that i had an inflamed apendix, and thus they whipped it out.

i've got three small scars n my tummy, and its still very sore to move much. I'm being looked after by my lovely boyfriend for the time being but i'm going to have to go back to London at some point soon, and look after myself.

So, i'm wondering whats the best way to make myself feel better, i'm still taking large ammounts of codine, and taking it pretty easy, what else is there i can do? i also have to move flat soon, i'm gonna get some friends to help out because i've been told to not lift or shift for 6 weeks because i could rupture the muscles, so i'm getting really stressed about that too...



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    lots and lots of rest, im glad that you got through hospital ok the other day. obviously keeping your immune system up through healthy diet is a big thing you need to focus on.
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    Rest loads. Try to only take painkillers if you're suffering a lot, because it stops you over doing it being in a bit of pain and also codine is really addivtive and can cause constipation, which could make your pain worse. Vicious circle.

    When you walk, try to straighten up as much as possible to prevent back pain. And breath as deeply as you can to keep your lungs clear.

    That's about it I think.

    Definitly get other people to do your moving for you. You should be feeling better quite quickly but you've then got to remember not to over-do it still.
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