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Selling a home

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If you sell a home for a profit, and you do it online.. is it as simple as going through the legal crap then you can pay off your mortgage.. then be left with a big lump of cash in your bank account, which you can use to rent etc? Just find it strange how you could squander it away (or not) then goto the social and put yourslef on the housing list. I have a friend whom I suspect might think it's as simple as that and I dont know what she has in mind. I feel partly responsible because I have always encouraged her to go enjoy life and she is being influenced by this alcoholic girl who is staying is some slum which has a flat next to it for let. My friend hardly knows this girl and realises she's a a pain, but she is just encouraging the ideas in her mind even more


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    So I found that house prices in central scotland (or where I stay) have dropped by 1 percent. My friend got laid of from work same time as me and in a similar situation except she has a kid.

    I tried to convince her to rent her place out and then rent elsewhere but she went to the estate agents and found that it's a pretty quick process, then you got the equity straight into the bank account. It seems this has got her excited about the prospect of money in her bank account, although it's not that much.

    I thought about possible sub letting with her... but the noise of the kid put me off :D There are so many options but there's too much reading and investigating options for me to spend time doing that. The documentation on this site is fantastic and if I went to see an advisor, would they be able to provide good advice? I doubt it, they would probably have some commision deal with an estate agent somewhere.

    If anyone has been there and done it then I would be interesting to find out if there were any good or bad experiences with any kind of situation like this.
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