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Gland in back of neck

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick question - how long should you wait for glands to settle before seeing a doc. I haven't been particularly under the weather - a little tired but not excessively so and not uber stressed out. If anything a lot of things are coming together and I'm pretty happy/relaxed at work etc..so I was surprised that over a week ago a gland on the left handside is up in the back of my neck. I used to get ill a lot and it used to come up - I know it shows my body is fighting something but I don't know whether to see a doctor as it's been up for over a week and it feels bruised/sore to touch and is making my neck sensitive and achey.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Malt x


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    Hello malteser monkay :wave:

    Although you ve had it before , you sound concerned , so why not give your GP a call, at least you will know one way or the other. Peace of mind, it may save you worrying.

    Its great all is going well for you :)

    Take care keep us updated
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    Yep, as the previous post says if you're still worried pop in to see your GP, but it sounds like a swollen lymph node, usually take up to 6 weeks to go down, but i've had one for about 2 years and still hasn't gone down, occassionally aches, usually a few days before i have a bit of a cold coming on.

    I was worried when i discovered mine, saw my GP, they told me it was fine and did a blood test etc... after 3 months it hadn't gone down, so saw the GP again, explained my concerns (that it can indicate some more serious issues, and that they should go away within 6 weeks or so) they had another feel, assured me it was fine but booked me in to see an ENT specialist, saw him about a month later and he went over it all with me and explained it was fine.

    2 years on, its still there, same size etc... apparently they get "blocked" for want of a better phrase and never go down

    I think you only need to be concerned if they start swelling up to the size of a 2pence coin and are irregular in shape etc... etc...

    But ANYWAY!! If you're still worried just pop along to your GP and get them to look at it
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