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just stressing about the future

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Hi. I wasn't sure whether to put this in work/student or relationships. It seems to fit better here. Have just finished my second year at university and the plan was to get a summer job. The silly thing for me that seems to be the biggest obstacle is knocking up a C.V. All of my 'jobs' have been voluntary because honestly, I wuss out of 'real jobs' because I've had several awful interview experiences.

I can't seem to even be able to make a C.V. It makes me feel sick everytime I look at the few words (or bullet points..) I've noted down. It just feels like a big lie and kinda phony-ish. I guess what doesnt help is that all my friends seem to have their futures secured already. One is working her way up in a jewellary shop and is probably gonna end up as management. The other has secured archeological free lance stuff for when she has finished. Even my boyfriend is far more motivated than me. He is hopefully doing a teacher training course and sending his music off to radio stations.

Blahh. I just feel like a falilure. I asked my mum if she could spare time to help me with it because I know in her job she looks and dozens of C.Vs. She actually told me to post on here instead. We aren't exactly getting along right now..

I feel horrible. I dont know whether it's a bad moment but things are just getting on top of me. I'm hardly the most pro-active person going so this just causes further embarassment. feck knows. sorry for the long blaaaaah of this post. I know the advice is going to be just to knock up a CV. Just seems pointless.


  • JsTJsT Posts: 18,268 Skive's The Limit
    If its any consolation I feel the same. I've applied for a job the other day (first one since finishing Uni), its a job I really want but I just hated writing every second of the application, giving them my almost life story and trying to write about all the 'wonderful' things I've done with my life.

    If you want me to take a look at it or try and help you out I will do but be warned, my CV ain't exactly as good as Alan Sugars......
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    thankyou hulby :) that would be great. i'm clueless
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i'll help too if you like.
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    Hey, C.V's are very daunting for most people, I hate em, although with months n months of updating, work etc mine has gotten to a level in which I like, what I found useful, (might not help here just yet) is updating your C.V every so often, couple of months or so, the first draft/writing is the most horrible, once you have a base c.v which you can just update/chance it gets alot easier,

    again if you need a hand like JsT i'll take a look and show ya mind if ya want an example, although it isn't perfect :) but got me my job(s)
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    thanks guys :) yeah hellfire i know what you mean, i dont know what happened to my last cv. it would have been so much easier if i still had it. after speaking to my boyfriend he has offered to give me a hand with it this weekend. but i'll still show you after if that's okay. need all the help i can get with it!

    think things will feel better when i have something to send out. just feeling so unproductive at the minute but i need to do somethiiiiing
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