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GRRR Ive so failed!

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I really like media as a subject but i just had my GCSE exam today and there was too much writing and i rushed a whole section because i had no time left!!
Im so pissed off there was way too much to do it was impossible to do in 2 hours, fuck sake ive totally failed
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    i'm sure i've done fine! I've felt like this before and i'm sure everyone else has at some point, i bet youve done better than you think.(trying not to be patronising)
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    Hi grahaminneed :wave: ,

    As notanotherusername said, I think a lot of people feel like this after finishing an exam – it’s a weird phenomenon that your mind tends to dwell on the questions you think you’ve messed up and somehow blocks out those you gave great answers to! The fact that you really enjoy media probably means that your enthusiasm and knowledge came across in the answers you did finish so try not to worry :) . Also, have you done any coursework for the module? This can be enough to boost your marks even if you fail the exam.

    For the moment, it may be a good idea to just forget about this one and concentrate on your remaining GCSEs. For some good advice on how to plan your time in exams check out the exam preparation section of TheSite.org. Learn from this bad experience and use it to really smash your next exam.

    Finally, don’t forget that if the worst does happen, you can always re-sit the module. If you really enjoy media, don’t let a little hiccup put you off – after all, it can take people years to find something they enjoy studying so stick with it!

    In the meantime, good luck and fingers crossed for you.....
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