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Errrr, HELP, fitness test in like two weeks...how can I prepare myself for this?


just been informed my fitness/medical for a job i have applied for is in two weeks time.

just TWO weeks.

i used to go to the gym loads but since meeting my boyfriend, ive become a bit lazy. ok, i am lazy :blush:

im at a healthy weight now (bmi is 20) but i never exercise! i power walk to and from work every day (so thats about 40 mins) but its hardly exercise is it? it does get my heart rate going though as im always in a rush...i practically run :p

has anyone got any suggestions at all? im only thinking that i can go running/run up and down the stairs in the house everyday until the day of the fitness test but i can't manage long before getting a stitch/becoming short of breath.

ive become proper unfit! i am ashamed and i most certainly dont want to make an idiot of myself!

i would really appreciate any advice.
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    could you go swimming or take a friend to the gym to play a few rounds of squash? that's pretty energetic
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    i could go swimming yes but im not a strong swimmer. ive only just recently learnt how to actually swim! mmm, i could do that but tbh, im not going to fit in enough games in two weeks.

    argh. so worried now. as IF the medical itself isn't going to hold me back enough because of my stupid history :grump:
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