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Meds D:

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Well basically I went to my GP about 4 months ago and was put on Prozac. But I've stopped taking it and I know it's a bad idea now but I didn't think I was so dependent on it. And that's made me slightly worried I don't really want to be dependant on them but I know I need them. I don't know what to do.

To everyone else the answer might be obvious but I don't know what to do. If I go back to my GP I don't think there's anything else she can do.

My parents don't know what's happening and only two of my friends know but with the rest of my friends there is quite a bit of stigma about AD's and I know this shouldn't effect me taking them, but it does :(

Anyone got any ideas?


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    I think with ADs, they are good for times of crisis, and times where you need a boost to help you cope with depression so you can get to the point where you are functioning by yourself, but then your GP should start you on a withdrawal program, so you don't become dependant on them.

    If you feel that you can cope without them right now, you need to tell your doctor so you can cut down gradually.
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