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Hi to all....

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My name is Jillian, I live in Florida and I just turned 23. I came across this website and maybe we're a good fit.

I have a dozen or so "situations" I'm currently sorting through which are stressing me out, and I'd like to share some of my more pressing issues for some feedback and advice. Here's a little something about me.

Mom had me at 19....my biological father bailed when I was 5....Mom's best friend became my non-biological Dad (it's a complicated story). Dad instilled in me some good old-fashioned values, a love of a wonderful bygone era and an appreciation of things different. Mom nurtures me, Dad pulls my strings....and I love both with every fiber of my being. Dad happens to be one of my situations....no, not in a bad way I don't think, lol, but stressful nonetheless. I still live with Mom and Dad, but I'm a wanderer of sorts. At day's end, I tend to park my often tired and droopy butt on whichever bed is most convenient....mine, or any one of a half-dozen beds of close friends, who don't mind my impromptu intrusions and sharing their beds :-) I'm innately social, and I have Internet "e-friends" off reality TV shows, but posting in an advice forum is a new experience for me.

I'm kind of old-school yet contemporary. I'm straight, but I'd go bi with certain (types of) girls. My first sexual experience was with my BFF at age 15 (she's straight too)....my second closest girl friend is a lesbian. I have three male FWBs....one deflowered me at 17....another I de-virginized when I gave myself to him as a present for his 19th birthday (god, he's turned out to be the best sex there is!)....another who is black....I have a strong emotional relationship with each, so I can rightly say I don't do casual sex. My three FWBs and my four former BFs are the extent of my male sexual experience. I am currently single by choice, I'm put off by the singles scene, so I'm on a break from dating/romantic relationships. It's been 6 years since I did drugs. I look "different" than most girls :-) My BFF, Leila, and I are central to some freakish relationships we've created, lol. I'm forthcoming to a fault so I'll answer any pertinent questions. TTY soon!


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