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Standard Care Plan- Recovery Plan

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Ok so this will be a long post, but this is what my care plan looks like:

Recovery tool kit- tools that you can use to maintain wellness and respond to uncomfortable or changing symptoms.- Things you have done in the past or could do to help you stay well or feel better

EG: healthy eating, diversionary activities, sleep, light/being outside, reaching out for support etc (this is the part where you think of some of your own)

2) Daily maintenance list

1) Describe yourself when you are feeling alright: (eg: bright, introverted, chatty, inquisitive)

2) Make a list of things you need to do everyday to keep youself feeling alright: (eg: eat meals, take medication, see friends)

3) make a reminder list of things you might choose to do: (eg plan something fun for the weekend, take a bubble bath, get more sleep)


1)List external events or circumstnces that, if they happen, may produce serious symptoms that make you feel like you are getting ill-
(eg: relationship ending, excessive stress, spending too much time alone)

2) Write an action plan to use if these triggers come up-
(eg: do everything on maintenance list, call someone and ask them to listen whilst you talk through the situation, deep breathing, go and stay with someone)

Early Warning Signs

1) These are internal and may be unrelated to reactions to stressful situations. In spite of our best efforts in reducing symptoms, we may begin to experience early warning signs, subtle signs or change that indicate we might need to take further action.

(eg: lack of motivation, irritability, avoiding others, feeling speeded up/slowed down, tearful, not discussing feelings)

Write an action plan to use if early warning signs come up:
(eg: contact your support person and tell them how you are feeling, ask another to take over your household duties for a day, plan activities to do and keep to them, stay in contact with friends and family)

Ok part 2 coming up!


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    thats ace keep it coming!
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    Part Two

    Things are breaking down or getting worse:

    In spite of our best efforts, our symptoms may progress to th point where they are very uncomfortable, serious and even dangerous, but we are still able to take some action on our own behalf. This is a very important time. It is necessary to take immediate action to prevent a crisis.

    1) Make a list of symptoms which, for you, mean that things have worsened and are close to crisis stage.
    (eg: unable to sleep, racing thoughts, seeing things, suicidial thoughts, risk taking behaviours, anxious on waking)

    Write an action plan to use when things are breaking down
    EG: Call your health professional, arrange to stay with someone, take actions so you cant hurt yourself (give car keys, credit card, medication (!!! specially important) to partner/trusted friend) Make sure you are doing maintenance list, call crisis team etc.

    Crisis planning: Treatments

    Include 'alternative' therapies that have helped as well as those that have not worked for you. Remember that different treatments may work differently at different times. List the treatments you would like in a crisis situation:

    eg: breathing techniques, CBT

    Crisis planning continued:

    1)List your GPs details:
    2)List the current medication you are taking and why:
    3)List the medications you would prefer to take if additional medication became necessary and why you would choose it:

    List the medications you would like to avoid and reasons:

    Crisis planning: Instructing others

    Write a crisis plan when you are well, to instruct others about how to care for you. It keeps you in control even when it seems things are out of control. If you share your WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) others will know what to do, saving everyone's time and frustration, whilst ensuring that your needs will be met. Develop this plan slowly when you are feeling well.

    1) Use the list from section one 'what i'm like when i'm feeling well'

    2) Symptoms: clearly describe those symptoms that would indicate to others that they need to take over responsibility for your care and decisions on your behalf:

    3) Supporters: List at least 5 people you want to have take over for you when the symptoms listed come up. Include family members, friends and professionals.

    Part 3 next! :wave:
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    Part 3

    Help from others

    What i need my supporters to do for me that would reduce symptoms.

    Some ideas: encourage me, reassure me, don't talk to me or do talk to me, give me space to express my feelings, keep me from hurting myself- even if that means you have to restrain me or get help from others (specify?) let me pace, encourage me to move, make me eat/drink something.

    1) What i need others to do for me:

    Make a list of things you need others to do for you and who you want to do what.
    EG: caring for children, pets, paying bills, washing, talking to me.

    2) Things that might not help or worsen my symptoms:
    EG: chattering, getting angry with me, impatience, making me go out, certain kinds of music.
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    Part 4

    Post Crisis Planning

    How would i like to feel when i have recovered from this crisis?

    EG: calm, centred, bored, happy, excited, thinking of the future.

    Post crisis supporters list

    List people who you would like as support during your recovery:

    EG: mum, boyfriend, girlfriend, tutors etc.

    Work on a timetable for resuming responsibilities, a rough estimate of when you think you will be able to continue with tasks.

    EG: week 1, do the washing, food shopping
    week 2, return to uni etc

    AND DONE :):yippe:
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    I know we have had (continue to have :p) our differences, but the way you deal with such things has always been hugely impressive to me and, frankly, humbling, speaking as someone who hasn't experienced some of the things that make all of this necessary.

    I'm sure that this will serve as an inspiration to those that need it, and go to show the rest of us that with the right mind management and support, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel :)
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    Hi Skakitty

    How is your care plan going ? theres a lot there but sounds fantastic,were sure this may help others so thankyou for sharing it.

    Good luck , lets us know how you get on :thumb:
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    Well i'm not needing the plan right now, but it is great to refer to when i'm feeling crappy, as it has a nice structure to it and makes you feel there are things you can do to help yourself. A good idea would be to make copies and hand them to the people that you want to help look after you, for when you feel really bad, because at this time, you need people with focus around you, and the plan will really help them out :)
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