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section 20 gbh without intent

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i dont no if i should be typing this here but i really dont no where else to get advice really
i have just been charged with section 20 without intent an im petrified i will go to prison im a single parent with 3 dependants youngest only being 6months old
i had benn harrased by someone for several weeks then she was threatening me in front of my children......later that night a couple of friends came round i had way to much to drink went to the cash point with my friends to lend her some money as i passed this womans house i can only assume that she cam into my head an i thought i would go ask her what she ment by wait till i get u on ure own...i totally had no intentions of goin there or fighting it ended up on a fight it just went crazy i dont even know how or why!!!!!!
it is my first offence im totally disgusted at my behaviour and appaled that i could hurt another that way!
i have been suffering from postnatal depression after having my youngest no excuse i know that but have been takin medication for a while so im not tryin to blame what i have done on that!there is no excuse for my behaviour to be honest! but obvioulsy alcohol and the tablets dont mix!!! i fully admitted what i had done when the police came i really am ashamed and disgusted but am also so scared i was in court last week and now its being sent to crown!! both my doctor and health visitor have said they will write reports as it is totally out of character for me.......any advise please would be very gratefull am just so scared i will have to leave my children...i do believe i should be punished i just feel my whole world is caving in before my eyes and theres nothing i can do i wont even leave my house as im scared ill bump into the woman i have to see the doctor once a fortnight to see how im coping with it all i was even put on valium a few weeks ago as i am that scared of a prison sentence!!!! :nervous:


  • **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    It sounds like you've had a really rough time of it - having got involved in a fight you now deeply regret and living in fear of what will happen when you go to the crown court.

    You've done well to go to the doctors to get help with coping and it's good that both your doctor and health visitor are going to write reports for you - that will really go in your favour. I think the fact you sound really remorseful will also go in your favour and it might be that other penalties are put on you rather than prison.

    I'm guessing you may well already have a solicitor? Have they been helpful at all?
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    It's always hard to say in cases like this. You have a previously law-abiding person who makes a cock-up that could haunt them for a long time. Judges, in crown court anyway have a lot more time to weigh up personal circumstances when it comes to cases like this, so you may find with written references from the professional people in your life you may get a suspended sentence.

    From what you're saying the biggest thing you have in your favour is remorse and guilt for what you did. If it's genuine (don't be offended because we don't know you!) then you may be ok.
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    You need to speak to a solicitor and fast.

    It's standard procedure for an offence like that to go to Crown Court. The next hearing will be called a 'plea and case management hearing', where you'll get to plea. Depending on what you plea will depend on what happens afterwards.

    If they've gone for s20 GBH without intent you're in a stronger position, there's a good chance you'll be able to plead it down to common assault. That and a solid previous record could be enough to keep you out of prison, especially if you've got dependant children. But please don't rely on this, GBH is a very serious offence.

    But it is vital that you go and speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. They are the only ones who can advise you on what will happen as they're the only ones who know the ins and the outs of the case.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    thankyou for your response!!! OMG yes i am very sorry for what i have done i really am disgusted an appalled i used to be in a quite violent realtionship a few years ago and i cant believe that me as a mother of 3 could do that to another person i cant take bk what has happened god i wish i could and i truly had no intentions of goin to see this woman i swear i will never drink again!!!my children shouldve been my main priority and unfortunatley that night they werent which i find disgusting aswell as now not only have i hurt another human being i have also indirectly hurt my children and for that reason i will never forgive myself!!!!i cherish my 6month old evry day like its goin to be are last it is soul destroying to even think i might have to leave him well all of them this has caused so much pain not only to the person that i have assaulted but also to my children and my friends i dont have any family around me so if the worst came to the worst the children would possibly have to go into care i just dont no what to do i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place yes i have a solicitor he was the one that wanted to take it to crown court as he believes i would have a better chance there as they take all factors into consideration and not just the offence as they would at magistrates im appalled that at the moment im relying on valium to make it through the day i thought it was bad enough having to have anti depressants after having the baby!!!!i just cant believe what has happened i told the police as soon as they came to arrest me that i was guilty!!!!god please dont take me away from my children :(
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    That's awful :,( I'm a mother to 3 kids and I had 3 accusations made against me last year gbh with intent gbh without intent and abh within 2 months luckily no evidence to convict so all 3 were dismissed. May I ask did the women hit you first? Did you fight back? If so you defended yourself when you have a drink it's the devil's juice I call it don't be ashamed hunny these things happen if its your first offence it will result as a suspended sentence
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