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Two guys

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I have been so confused recently. I decided to pursue a relationship with this guy who I've grown up with and is quite a bit older but really cute. I've only been talking to him since last weekend, then on Wednesday I helped out at this athletics thing and this guy was there- the guy who I've done nothing but get upset over for the past year. We haven't really gone out, but he's come babysitting with me (you get the picture) and we've met up... but each time he's just pretended nothing happened as he doesn't want a relationship. I know this- he's a big flirt. Yet he asked to meet up tonight and I agreed. Because I may hate him for what he does to me but I really like him too, and I miss seeing him and kissing him....

I realised this morning that it would be too easy to get involved with him again. He only wants me for what I'll give him and is more than likely using me. So I've told him not to come tonight because I don't wanna see him. I lied. I do. Although I really like this other guy I can't make up my mind. There are so many things that will make things difficult and complicated- sticking with the guy I already know will be so much easier. I don't know what to do. Maybe I am doing the right thing by turning him down and focusing on the difficult relationship with the family friend. But then again maybe I'm not. I'm not entirely sure he even likes me. And sure, I may be turning him down now but I don't see myself moving on so easily. I might be lying to everyone when I say I like the other guy just to stop myself getting hurt again.

I'm so confused.... and so upset. Is moving on the right thing to do?!


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    I think you done the right thing by telling this guy you didn't wanna meet up in the end..you said yourself you guys do thing's then he pretends nothing has happened after..He chooses when he wants you and he chooses when he doesn't..that's exactly what it is and I know what that is like :(
    I think this other guy *the older one* deserves a chance...You know he may even be good for you :)
    But you will never find out if you don't open yourself up to him..
    And even if it doesn't work out with him I don't think you should go with the other guy..You've seen where that road leads...but weather you go back down that same road is the choice you make.
    Hope everythin is ok in the end
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