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citalopram withdrawal delights

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im new here and thank god for places like this because i really need some people to talk to

i guess i will be pouring my heart out before too long about everything but ...... lets start from here and work backwards

does anyone know how long the withdrawal effects of citalopram last??

I cant take much more of it ...... my psychiatrist wants to try something else and gave me 3 weeks (including one where i should be off it completely) to come off a 40mg dose. I reduced it as slowly as i could given the time frame and have been off it for about 10 days and dont know which way is up most of the time. Feel soo sick and dizzy, faint, cant sleep, anxious, twitchy.... the whole lot.

Not to mention have cut myself again yesterday and just basically want to run away and die.

Anyone know how long im gonna be like this for? Seeing psychiatrist again in a couple of days.

..... thank you xxx


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I take citalopram n when ever i miss a pill or something i feel really crap so know what your talking about. It can take a few weeks for drugs to totally leave your system, as well as that, your probably experiencing feelings that you have that citalopram would usually supress.

    Just stick with it and try to keep yourself busy and mind occupied! that or just sleep loads lol
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