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social problem

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ok hi all 1st time on here, got a problem so here goes.

for years now ive struggled to get friends since school, which was a while ago now as im 38,as now i dont have any, ok sounds sad but im not, i am a nice guy and i can talk to people no problem, but as for making new friends no luck, prob due to my job as a coach/truck driver which ive always done since i left school to which i wish sometimes i never had some days, but i dont like working indoors etc so i suppose its my fault im in this situation.
other people say , join a club, go to a local pub regular etc or go horse riding which i used to like doing as i used to own a few but sadly not anymore, but the problem is its immpossible to do something on a regular basis due to job, as i cant arrange to go somwhere on a regular day or at weekends as i may be working and anyone in same job will understand,and now all i do on my day off is sit at home, and now im getting fed up of it as im never gonna meet a new gf either lol
the only friends i do see now are useless and got old too soon and as soon as they met a partener they vanish or dont go out etc
so thats my rant over so anyone in same situation, i bet not :wave:


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    I'm not a coach driver but I definitely think you're not alone in keeping hours that prevent you from meeting new people, or rather aren't very conducive to it! I know somone who's a fireman, and despite having a group of mates he regularly goes out with, still finds it tricky to organise stuff. Do you have any family close by, like brothers/sisters that you can go for a drink with? They might also introduce you to new people. Maybe talking online to people will help as the net has no time boundaries, and then you could always meet up later on once you've developed friendships etc.
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    hi luce, i do have family, my parents live 20 min away, but i dont get on with 2 sisters due to past personal family problems to which we dont talk, re-online chat its ok but as anyone knows it has its problems and as i dont get home too much i cant get online as working so i feel im in a vicous circle lol :-/
  • **helen****helen** Mod malarkist Posts: 9,235 Listening Ear
    stompy wrote: »
    and anyone in same job will understand


    Maybe that's the key to your situation? :chin: Have you ever tried hooking up with other truck drivers? United truckers or something similar?
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    ^ I was going to suggest that but then thought that if they're both in the same job, although they'll understand they point of view, won't both be on the road at different times so still won't get to meet up? :confused:
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    now you see my problem lol i think its one of those things that cant be resolved, i changed my job im a coach driver now so to try and mix more but its still hard, also if i want to meet anyone girlfriend wise they shy away as im a driver, because im not at home everynight. so i just think my head and a brickwall lol
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    well, it's just a wild shot in the blue, but if your job is really a hindrance for any social developments maybe change your job? I'm sure there is other interesting work where you are out a lot. Maybe you think I'm sarcastic now, but trash truck driver (i.e. garbage disposal) would be a suggestion. In Austria they earn relatively seen a lot (I guess you get bonuses for 'dirty work' or something), you are out all day long and you have fair working hours (you start awfully early, but are done at 3 pm or something).

    My friend did the job for a month as a summer job (he's a student, that's what we do usually to get some cash in since we have 3 months holidays in the summer) and he quite liked it. Laid back people, good payment, etc.
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    Hi buddy,

    sorry to hear about your troubles.

    As said above it might be an idea to maybe look at a career change?

    Joining a local 5-aside football league at a gym/ astroturf is a brillant way to meet new friends.

    Im beginning to get in the same boat as the majority of mine have moved away or plain dont go out anymore!

    As for a gf, have you considered online dating?

    Might sound scary but it could be the ideal solution.

    Its hard being in a situation like this i know but you've got to take yourself out of your comfert sound and put yourself out there:thumb:
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    i like my job and im not a indoors/factory type as it would bore me to death lol

    joining a gym not my thing i get enough exersize at work lifting stuff etc as for a team i cant garentee to be there so id be no good to them

    and on-line dating no sucsess as im on 2 and only replies i get is from wasters, women with kids i dont want and others live too far away the rest are well just scarey lol and when they find out what job i do they go quiet, so they must be gold diggers or unstable as they want someone there 24/7
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