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a little bit messed up

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    hi im sorry to hear about your current state.

    in my experience people that are generally loud and funny are using that to cover up the own problems.
    breaking up with bf's is hard it does sound like you did the right thing; you just have to re adjust. change is never easy but almost always for the best.
    if you find it hard to sleep alone trying investing in a big teddy bear to cuddle up to. Boys are just rubbish! and smelly! :) is there anyway of finding out if he does like her? any one he might tell? do a lil detecting!
    Not eating is never a good idea. all you have to do is eat sensibly and exercise. 'Everything in moderation' as my mother used to say to me! if you dont like to exercise (like joggin etc) try walking. you dont realise your exercising and you can listen to your music or an audio book or anything. if you loose wieght slowly theres more chance that it'll stay away.
    if you're getting bored with your life, try something new. go a lil crazy once in a while! learn a new skill or get involved with something you wouldnt normally, like evening classes.

    if you feel like crying then do, its a good release of energy and make you feel loads better. spend time catching up with your work, do it with other people? If you feel down just think how far you've managed to make it so far, you've got to uni. well done! it means you've worked and archived loads!

    i hope you've found some of this a help and i hope it all goes well
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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi there andthemachine :wave:

    Sounds like you're having a tough time at the moment - dr_chimpenstien has given you some great advice, especially about the teddy ;) . You say about being diagnosed with PCOS, have you spoken much with your doctor about how it will affect you? If you're worried about any element of the condition, it's a good idea to get some support and facts from your doctor. Have a look at this website on PCOS for some more info in the meantime. This might be what is adding to you feeling down, and also if you're not eating this will be affecting your moods too. If you worry you're drinking too much, check out our fact sheet on alcohol. If you feel things are getting on top of you, your uni should have some support services that you could use, maybe like a helpline, or you could try saneline if you want to talk to someone.

    Uni can be really difficult and put you through loads of different emotions, you're away from home and comfort zones, you have to make new friends and get along on your own, it's a tricky time. Maybe try and do some stuff that concentrates on you, things that you like to do and get pleasure from and try not to worry about how your friends are getting on with your new best friend - if they are any sort of friends then they will stick with you, this girl could just be a passing phase. And with this guy you like, could you try and do something away from the group - just you and him to get some time together, even if it's just to suss out of he likes you?

    Keep posting and hang in there, things will get better :thumb:
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