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3 person shared property - 2 people moving out

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Last year 3 of us starting renting a property (one of the others beinf my girlfriend).

Since the new year we've been looking for a place to buy, and have told the third housemate this, and kept her updated every step of the way (any offers we'd made and when we had one accepted).

When we found a house we told her were writing to the letting agency to give our 2 months notice and asked if she wanted to join us in leavig or stay on in the house, she asked to stay on and negotiated with the landlord a reduced rent for her and her boyfriend (who is moving in when we leave).

The problem is now that me and my girlfriend have £1000 tied up in the deposit of the house, and although we have had confirmation from teh letting agency that we will be out in mid-May, the landlord is refusing to come round and do an inventory and inspection of the house (therefore we are unnable to get our part of the deposit back).

The letting agency has suggested that the landlord do the inspection, and for our flatmate to buy us out of our share of the deposit. We suggested this to both the landlord and our housemate and they both seem to think we are being unreasonable.

After a big argument last night, it does seem as though our housemate will buy us out. But we still have the problem of not having the inspection done for us and any problems that appear in the next few months could be blamed on us.

If we have our deposit back, is there anything that the landlord can do to touch us after we've moved out? (i.e does it matter that no inspection was done if we get our money back anyway?)

If not, can we force our loandlord to do the inventory/inspection?

Strangely, our housemate is only planning on statying until July, so an inspection would also have to be done then. My concern is that becuase we left in May, we would have used up the 28 days we are allowed to contest anything? Or am I wrong?

Am I being unreasonable for trying to get this done as officially as possible? I really don't want any ties to the house after we have moved out, especially if something goes wrong in the 2 months we weren't living there. I don't want to be implicated in any way to what happens once we've gone.


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    I've got absolutely no idea, but it sounds like question for askTheSite....
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    If the landlord's released you from the contract then (if you rented after April 2007) he has to return the deposit to you within 14 days. He doesn't have to do it before you leave.
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